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Season Passes for 2022 go up tomorrow!

Hey folks! Season Passes for the 2022 Season go on sale tomorrow at 8pm on this page. There will be 15 available.

Season passes cost $360 for the year and guarantee you a spot at each game so you don't have to worry about us selling out, priority in heated cabin space during the cold season months, a season LoE T-shirt, and 30 Honor Points to spend in the Honor Store. In the event that we add an additional event(s), that will be included in your Season Pass.

To reserve your season pass, you will need to make the first payment of $120 when they become available. You can pay for them in up to three payments of $120, or all at once as you choose. The second payment will be due February 1st, and the last payment will be due March 1st.

On January 6th, the remainder will go on sale at 8pm. Usually there are 15 more available (for a total of 30), however the Reserved Season Pass spots from the cancelled game are taken out of this (there are currently 9). We'll confirm the number closer to then!


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