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Howdy friends!

This announcement is all about this weekend’s Community Gathering!

The March OOC Community event is for our community to gather out of character and hang out! It's a very casual affair- it's a time and space for us to spend some time as PEOPLE instead of characters. This is ultimately a chill social get-together: a great opportunity for players to catch up with friends they might not see outside of game, and for new players to dip their toes into the world of larp in a much less intimidating setting. Staff-provided content is an added bonus, not the focus. Come for the vibes!

Here’s a list of content you can expect this weekend. Exact times/locations will be posted on Thursday eve!


  • FOOD! Crystal won’t be running the lovely tavern this event, so please be sure to bring what you may need for sustenance and clean up after yourself! Both kitchens are open.

  • Have something you want to share with everyone? Want to teach people how to knit? Want to present a PowerPoint to everyone about a special fish that lives in the camp’s lake? You can add it to the schedule at check-in! Not sure if it fits? Feel free to ask us in the LoE2Questions channel in Discord!

  • Cabin Sign-Ups are open! The link in your ticket email has the cabin sign-up sheet!

Friday night is going to be casual fun.

  • SPOOKY NATURE WALK! Take a walk in the deep, dark woods… maybe with ghosts?

  • NAIL PAINTING PAJAMA PARTY! Come in your favorite pajamas, paint your nails, and take Foose’s nail polish hoard home with you! Best pajamas/onesie contest!


  • SWAP MEET! Trade kit! Sell your stuff! The game is cleaning out our trailer and a lot of players are bringing cars full of stuff! It’s a great opportunity to get some sick kit pieces real cheap or for barter. We do recommend bringing some cash for trades and barters!

  • Art Station! Come add your mark to a communal art project! A mural that represents our community. Paint/brushes/etc are all provided (but hey, if you have some paint you want to destash, we won’t say no to more supplies for the art project!) [NO DRAWING PEEPEES ON THE MURAL!!!!]

  • Leather Pouch Making Class! Come make your very own leather pouch with all supplies included! (Limited seats; small cash fee of $10)

  • Lawn Games! Let’s play the horseshoes (instead of tripping over them)! Basketball! Team building games! The “Blood Fae’s Heart” keepaway game from Sentinel’s Reach!

  • Archery 101! Maarten will be running an archery safety workshop and an archery tournament for fun, with provided bows & arrows! Come learn how to shoot a LARP bow!

  • Board games! Get to know eachother better with games that ask some deep questions. Or play Magic the Gathering, or Chess! Feel free to bring your own board games, we’ll be providing several!

  • Improv RP Workshop! Learn and practice your “yes, and” & “no, but!” skills for richer roleplay!

  • Combat Playtests! We want to test some specific mechanics for the new system! Come fight!

  • FIGHT TOURNAMENT! Theatrical fighting tournament!

  • Make-up! Come test your makeup out and learn some new techniques!

  • Photoshoots! Want to test out your Awakening makeup? Perfect timing to coincide with having your picture taken!

  • BONFIRE! Come play some games ‘round the fire, like one-sentence-story, or tell your spookiest story! SMORES PROVIDED!


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