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to Legends of Exile

Here you will find links to information for Legends of Exile as it is released.


Announcements and updates are ongoing throughout 2024.

Thousands of years ago, all people were cast from the land of the gods, known as The Eternal Lands. The true reason has been obscured, and only survives to this day as varied myths and legends. But, the outcome is well known: all those expelled from that land were banished across the sea. Throughout history there have always been attempts to complete the treacherous journey to return to the Eternal Lands, but none have been successful. Those that try recount that it seemed as though they were actively rebuffed, and all efforts to progress were futile.

​Fifty years ago, a curse called the Torpor struck the world and caused an event coined "The Great Sleep." Nearly one in three people was afflicted by a deep and supernatural sleep, unable to be roused from their unconsciousness. Even now, the Torpor continues with no end in sight, and more and more fall victim to The Great Sleep every day. 

As time goes on, some never wake and the Great Sleep claims many lives. However, for all those caught within dreams, some Dreamers have overcome their Nightmare and begun to awake. Not only do they tell incredible, horrifying stories of their ordeal, all that awoke have found themselves forever physically changed.

Soon, it was discovered that those who wake from The Great Sleep were no longer blocked from travelling to the Eternal Lands. YOU are one of these "Awakened." You, and those like you, have decided to join the expeditions and venture forth under the banner of your chosen Faction, all while learning to understand your new abilities.

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