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Faction Representation: Colors, Crests, & Gear

Thank you to Jennifer Pan for creating this guide document and designing and drawing the Crests! Thank you to Jordan Mullaney for drawing the "little guy" arts and content editing.

Please read these important notes on expectations for faction representation! We will be adding the information in this announcement to the applicable website pages.

The only faction representation that is REQUIRED for all players is the belt favor that is being provided by plot, which will be a player’s responsibility to bring to each game.

All of the following released faction flavor is to help guide anyone who wishes to dive deeper into representing their faction using costuming or themed gear and IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. However, if you want to design or embellish gear based on your chosen faction, we are building guidelines and themes so we can have cohesive visual identities, and faction gear will be subject to some simple design rules. Major guidelines are being released today, but will be finalized as we get closer to spring. Until then, Staff (and soon Costume Marshals) will be available to field any questions you may have.

Note on using faction colors and crests: Although we are releasing colors associated with factions, all players are permitted to wear colors that “belong” to a specific faction. Faction crests are to be used alongside the faction colors to represent a player’s chosen faction, and players may NOT use a faction crest from a faction they are not a part of. That being said, we are a faction-based game as a matter of design, and “impersonating” a faction or purposefully causing confusion using themed colors is not permitted and against conduct expectations.


The votes are in! We chose the top two for each faction. These will be used for theming and inspiration for plot when creating designs, lore, and gear for factions! 

Unicorn and Spider

Dragon and Boar

Raccoon and Crane


Official faction crests are being provided by the game for use if you choose to design your own faction gear (see below for guidelines). You will notice there are multiple crest designs for each faction. This is to make customizing your own faction gear more accessible, while keeping it recognizable and cohesive! We will also be providing vector and jpg files for you to use.

There are three versions for each faction crest, and you can use any of them when customizing your own gear: 

  • Simple: The simplest design, and easiest to hand-paint or draw. 

  • Standard: The most used, easily recognizable design, with a little more embellishment than the Simple design.

  • Stylized: These are very complex and detailed, and difficult to hand-paint or draw. These will be released at a later date.


Here are the official colors of each faction! Each faction has three colors. Main color is the recognizable color which will always be used with the crest to signify the faction. The Secondary color is the second color used with the Main color when needed. And the Accent color is used for flair and trimming alongside the Main and Secondary colors! While no one is required to only wear their faction colors, these guidelines are for those who wish to fully commit to their faction's aesthetic.


Faction crests have some special rules for their use on any gear (such as kit garments, props, banners). Faction crests must always be backed by their MAIN color or a "neutral" material such as wood, metal, naturally-colored leathers, etc. This could range from adding a patch of main color with the crest to a garment, or adding the crest to a garment that is already in the faction's main color.

These limitations are intended to encourage players to embrace the hype of faction aesthetics, as well as help create a clear and consistent visual distinction between each. You don't have to wear your faction's colors, but if you want to wear the crest, it must be backed by the faction's Main color or neutral material (as above).  

See each faction guide below for examples and illustrations of example faction crest gear. Staff (and soon Costume Marshals) will be available to field any questions you may have.


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