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An Update: Delay of Game 1

Hey friends,

We’ve got a tough cookie to crumble here.

There's not an easy way to say this but: we have decided to delay the in-play Game 1 of Legends of Exile until September 2024. Previously, this was planned for April of 2024. We hope everyone in the community will read this announcement in full, as there is important information regarding Events, tickets, and content!

We know we’ve missed deadlines. In an effort to balance quality with speed, we made promises we didn’t keep. Timelines have historically been a struggle for us, so this decision to move Game 1 is a tough but necessary step towards taking a step back and actually fixing the catch-up mindset that held over from Lands of Exile.  

Legends has required a lot of ground-up development, and each part deserves proper bandwidth and attention from our key creators. To ensure we provide the best game experience possible, we’re giving our team more time to develop the foundation with this goal in mind. 

To prepare the community, facilitators, and staff for Game 1, assessing a more realistic timeline for content release will take at least a few weeks. We will be announcing the expected content release timelines when we have them, AND we want to be able to actually meet those timelines when announced. 

This decision also affects previous Event announcements and ticket sales, so here’s what is happening:

  1. Season Pass Holders: An email will go out to you tomorrow (2/17).

  2. All season passholders: half the total cost of the season pass will be refunded (reflecting March, April, and May events) by Tuesday, Feb 20th.

  3. New: Anyone who purchased a Season Pass will be able to attend the March event for free as thanks for your community support.

  4. If you prefer to keep your full pass, want a full refund, or have questions, please respond to the email you will receive (tomorrow). The email will come from

  5. Anyone who maintains a half or whole season pass will still receive all season pass perks.

  6. September 6th-8th 2024 will be the “Game 1” of the season.

  7. Content for March 1st-3rd 2024 is NOT changing, and is still our OOC Community Event, as planned. (they're on sale- link to tickets)

  8. April and May event dates will have events, but we are in the process of developing what these will be. We are looking across the scope of OOC workshops, IC one-shots, a mix, or something completely different. The event type will be announced before any ticket sales.

To reiterate: All previously announced calendar dates are still confirmed and not affected by this announcement. March content is not changing. Content for April and May are changing. September is Game 1.

We love that you all are so excited to play this new adventure together, and we didn’t make this decision lightly! 


This decision to delay Game 1 will allow the creative team to do what needs to be done - as for the community, we ask that you all please use the Discord and Facebook groups as usual. We all love getting inspired by character and costuming progress, getting to know new players, seeing theories about current lore and content, and seeing the support for fellow larpers and friends. 

If you are new to the community, or even a returning player, we want to highlight the current Legends of Exile character creation resources that are available to use, which are all on the website. Important: All content officially released thus far is still canon!

  • Choose your Awakening and view costume requirements and suggestions (Please use the Advanced Costuming/Awakening Form before you begin, if you are planning something resource intensive!)

  • Choose your Faction and find fellow members in the community

  • Read up on the world Lore and the Mainland Map (Note: more content for the current day setting is planned for future release)

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Thank you for all being part of the community- the foundation of the Lands/Legends of Exile games. Storytelling is the core of what we love, and telling them together is what drives us to create.

We know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but we are confident that this decision is in the best interest of our team, the game as a whole, and you as part of our community. We appreciate your support as we start off the year. See you in March!


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