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Legends Dev Updates & Plot Team Updates

Good evening all!

We have some big & exciting updates on the development of Legends and changes to our Plot Team!

We are making good progress on the launch of Legends. We are still finalizing the release schedule for content and will keep you informed. Our target is to release the expectations timeline by late May, which will give us time to prepare for the one-shot.

Now to the Plot Team updates! We have begun bringing new members on board to the Plot Team. These Plot-In-Training members will be trained in live-game story writing and be involved in developing specific parts of Legends. We will announce these new Plot Team In Training folks after the May one-shot!

We also have a bittersweet announcement to make! One of our AGMs, Jordan Mullaney, is departing from the Plot Team. Jordan has been a fantastic AGM this past year, working closely with our other AGM, Austin. She is moving on to be a full-time player, and we wish her all the best. Please note that she is sworn to secrecy for any Legends secrets - so please welcome her back to the world of being a player, and don't ask her for spoilers! 😂 We also want to take this opportunity to thank Jordan for her invaluable contributions to the development of Legends. She played a vital role in formatting, designing, and content contribution the Awakening & Faction packets, as well as compiling world lore into accessible formats for players, outlining costuming standards, and adding her creative energy to the development of Legends. Please give her a big thanks when you see her, and enjoy getting to play with her again! In the meantime, Austin will continue to be the AGM, and Emil will continue to be the GM!


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