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Welcome to information about Factions. At the heart of this story and world are the Awakened.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Faction Packets released in December 2023 are only teasers and are subject to change. Expanded versions of the packets with more information will be released at a later date.

This web page contains an FAQ regarding the current information available about Factions, which you can navigate via the menu on the left. View the Faction Teaser Packets by clicking the image buttons below.

The Eye of Antiquity

"Preserve the Past"

The teeth of Noor

"Protect the Present"

The Hand of Tomorrow 

"Prepare for the Future"

Faction Packets
Why are there factions?

Why are there factions? How do they fit into the game?

The Eternal Lands have been shrouded in mist and mystery for thousands of years, and no ship has returned safely once it has crossed into its fog... until now. A survivor has returned, bringing with them news and a warning: the Eternal Lands are real, and the Awakened are humanity’s best chance at exploring them safely.


The Awakened are the special few who survived the sleeping curse known as the Torpor. They awoke forever changed, gaining the ability to see what was once unseeable to the naked eye— the presence of demons and other monstrosities. This makes Awakened prime candidates for the exploration of the newly re-discovered Eternal Lands, brimming with entities that they alone can fight.


The Council (the mainland’s governing body) is organizing an exploratory mission of the Eternal Lands headed by three unique Factions and their Awakened recruits. Your character heard and heeded the call. Whatever their personal motivation–be it money, adventure, opportunity, or something else–they've joined with a Faction and are headed for the Eternal Lands.

What are factions?

What are factions? What do they do?

Factions are in-game groups that are commissioned by The Council to facilitate all exploratory missions of the newly-discovered Eternal Lands. They each have unique goals and priorities but work together to train, transport, and maintain Awakened recruits in their service. They are the only way to access the Eternal Lands, as well as to survive once in them.

What factions are there?

What factions are there to choose from?

The three factions are:

The Eye of Antiquity, a scholarly organization dedicated to preserving the past.

The Teeth of Noor, a regimented organization dedicated to protecting the present.

The Hand of Tomorrow, a mercantile-based organization dedicated to preparing for the future.


Player Characters may only join one of these three factions. Factions will accept any character regardless of Awakening, Culture, background, or mechanical skills/class/abilities.

Can players create factions/guilds?

Can players create their own factions or guilds? 

No, players cannot create new factions – they must join one of the three existing factions. Player-run guilds will be accepted only under specific circumstances: they must be submitted for official approval (both in and out of game), and must be "endorsed" by an NPC or faction lead in-game. 

Do factions conflict with each other ?

Do factions conflict with each other and encourage CvC (Character vs Character)?

Instead of Character vs. Character, conflict in the Eternal Lands will focus primarily on Character vs. Environment. While the factions may not always see eye-to-eye, they ultimately work alongside one another to help the entire group. Each faction has a unique core mission: what they hope to explore or achieve while in the Eternal Lands. Factions are tasked with gathering resources and information to send back to the mainland and The Council to help further their goals. Due to prioritizing their own unique missions, a faction’s goals may not always align–and can occasionally conflict–with the others. As such, PvP is mostly indirect in this manner. Sometimes factions will work with each other, sometimes they'll be in direct competition, but ultimately they are all working as one for the benefit of the mainland.

Do I need to join a faction?

Do I need to join a faction?

Yes! All players MUST be a member of a faction to play this game.


From your character’s understanding, travel to the Eternal Lands is only possible beneath a faction's banner and operating within a faction is the only way to survive in the wilds of the Eternal Lands. However, regardless of  faction allegiance, the motivation for your character  to venture to the Eternal Lands is up to you. All new characters are fresh recruits of their chosen faction, specially selected to embark into the Eternal Lands. Their first game is their arrival to the Eternal Lands, and their first "real mission" with their Faction.

Factionless PCs are "lost to the wilds" or otherwise removed from play, and a new PC must be created. If you wish to portray a character who is not a member of a faction, consider joining us as a Full Time NPC!

Which faction can I join?

Which faction can I join? Are there any restrictions on who or what kind of character can join?

Factions will accept any character regardless of Awakening, Culture, background, or mechanical skills/class/abilities. While each faction might have their own recruitment preferences, the need for willing volunteers, along with the benefits that stem from a diverse set of members, will ensure any character is welcome.


Think about your character's motivation and backstory when considering your faction choice. Every Awakened travels to the Eternal Lands for a reason, be it glory, wealth, adventure, knowledge, or even a personal vendetta. Joining a faction is the first step towards achieving those goals in your character’s story.


You might also join a faction for meta reasons like being with personal friends or just based on your play style. Whatever the reason, we encourage you to create in-game justifications and reasoning for your decision to enhance your character’s story and time in the Eternal Lands. Each faction’s  teaser write-up has a section describing what they look for in a recruit and what kind of gameplay they encourage. Use these to help guide your decision!

Whatever the reason, we encourage you to think outside the box  of your chosen faction. Beefy warriors may join the Eye in pursuit of lost or legendary combat knowledge; a skilled tradesperson may hedge their bets with the Teeth to learn how to defend their assets; and a wizened wizard could reach out towards the Hand as a way to access magical tools from master craftspeople. Recruits who break the mold are valuable assets to their factions; don’t be afraid to become one!

Do factions require certain dress?

Do I need to wear certain colors/clothing/etc to be in a faction?

Wearing your faction's colors and utilizing their symbology is highly encouraged, but not required! At minimum, players are required to display/wear their faction’s belt flag, which is provided by the game. Players may create their own belt flags or use an alternative method of displaying their factional allegiance (such as tabards, badges, etc)! Guidelines for this will be included in the full faction packet release. Outside of this, players are free to wear any style or color of clothing within our dress code/costuming requirements, regardless of their faction.

Read through Awakenings (already released) and Cultures (coming later) for more specific costuming inspiration, as well as optional aesthetic suggestions in each Faction packet.

How are the factions structured?

How are the factions structured? What is the PC influence/impact on them?

Each faction is headed by a Faction Lead, played by a full-time NPC. Faction Leads provide direction and resources for your character via content hooks, in-game information, and game structure. They will be the ones you look to first for narrative-based content.

The narrative of the game, however, is led by YOU: the player characters! Ultimately, Faction Leads are there to lift the stories and actions of player characters. Your character is one of the elite few chosen to embark into the Eternal Lands. Their involvement with their Faction is a critical influence on the game’s narrative. The decisions you make in-game–as an individual and as a faction, no matter how big or small–are what drive the story forward!

Can I still hang out with other factions?

What if my friend joins a different faction? Can I still hang out with them?

Yes! Factions are NOT limited to only interacting within their group.

Each faction will have meetings, missions, and a “home base” specific to each, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to spend time with players of all factions. Outside of faction-specific game content, most downtime is held in communal spaces and factions will regularly collaborate on missions. The factions are co-workers, not enemies. While they may not see eye-to-eye and will compete against one another in certain avenues, they ultimately are working together for the betterment of the mainland. The game’s player-based narrative encourages inter-faction interactions.

Additionally, there will be options for both faction-specific and general sleeping arrangements. Even if your group has diverse faction allegiances, you can still choose to sleep in the same cabin(s) as space allows.

Can my character have titles/rank etc.?

Can my character have titles/rank/experience/etc.?

All new characters are brand-new members of their faction. Your character's first game is also their first time stepping foot onto the Eternal Lands, and their first real assignment. By joining a faction, your character is made an equal– they renounce any previous nobility, royalty, or official titles that would be recognized by a government. All new titles/ranks/etc. must be earned via in-game accomplishments!

How important is faction loyalty?

How important is faction loyalty? Can I spy/secretly work against the faction I join?

Each of these factions hold loyalty and reputation above all else. Though they don’t always see eye-to-eye, they maintain a certain level of trust in one another and work as a whole for the Council. Anyone wishing to play a character who betrays their faction should be prepared to suffer the consequences if they are caught– both in and out of game.

In short: yes, this is technically allowed. But it will always and without exception be at great cost to your character via permanent death and/or banishment, etc. Do so only if you are prepared to make a new character, regardless of if your in-game scheming is successful or not. You have been warned!

Can I change/leave factions?

Can I change factions after I choose one? Can I leave a faction?

All characters go through an in-game trial period and may change their faction between events if they so choose. By the beginning of your fourth event, your character’s faction is now LOCKED IN and cannot be changed unless you make a new character. You may end the trial period earlier than your fourth event if you’re confident in your faction decision.

All player characters (PCs) MUST be part of a faction. Travel to the Eternal Lands is only possible beneath a faction’s banner, and operating within a faction is the only way to survive in the wilds of the Eternal Lands. Factionless PCs are "lost to the wilds" or otherwise removed from play, and a new PC must be created. If you wish to portray a character who is not a member of a faction, consider joining us as a Full Time NPC!

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