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2024 Dates, Season Passes, & Special Event Announcement

Greetings, Awakened! We've finally confirmed the last pending date and are happy to announce our 2024 event schedule. All events will take place at Singletary Lake State Park. You can find the full date list below and on the Legends of Exile website. Information on ticket prices & availability for the 2024 season will be released soon.

2024 Event Dates

March 1-3 (special)

April 12-14

May 24-26

September 6-8

October 4-6

November 1-3

Season Passes

Season Passes for the 2024 Season of Legends of Exile go on sale on Saturday, January 13th at 8pm eastern! Season Passes include a t-Shirt for our inaugural season of Legends of Exile, 1 additional starting XP (for the special event below), and a reserved cabin spot of your choice for the year.

There are two payment options on the Season Pass page - pay in full, or do a payment plan (these are available for preview on the website now). It's a one time payment of $420, or three payments of $140 every two weeks. There will be 30 Season Passes total available at this link:

March: Special OOC Community Event

Much like our 2021 September event, our 2024 March event will be an out of game community event to help everyone prepare for Legends of Exile! We will have various activities like a larp gear swap meet, rules playtest, sparring, photoshoots, and workshops. More information on activities will be released closer to the event date. This event does not grant an XP (experience point).

You can choose between a $20 day pass (just come on Saturday) or $40 overnight (Friday night and Saturday night). We want the barrier to entry for this event to be as low as possible so everyone that wants to attend can be there. Like all our events, we will still require proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test to attend (see the website for a full explanation of the Covid-19 policy).


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