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Post Event Letters & Year-in-Review

Hey folks!

The PELs (Post Event Letters) for those that attended the 2021 November and December events are live here. The PELs are story-focused feedback forms that let the plot team know what your character and NPC(s) did during the event. They help us with continuity for storylines, and continuing & following up for your character's own stories! Small things - like your character bullying some grendels, stealing something from a particular NPC, translating some weird runes on an item - come back in later storylines. Filling out the PEL helps you and the game, and also contributes to this year's epilogue! There's also a "Suggestions" section, where we ask about things you'd like to see with Honor Points and your ideas for things that can continue to improve our game. The PELs close January 4th, which is two weeks from now. Do keep in mind that the PEL (including the Year-Review section) is story-focused and goes over general feedback, and any issues or things that need action taken should be submitted to the Community Feedback Form.

This PEL is special! It has an (optional) separate Year-In-Review section of things you extra enjoyed and want to see more of, and some questions about the new processes we put in place to get feedback on so we can continue to improve. There is also a Nomination section for the Faes' Favor Awards - did someone make your event or someone else's? Notice that they went above and beyond to do something for the game or for their fellow players? Nominate them for the 2021 Faes' Favor Awards!

Ryan (Bragging Rights Photography) has also posted the pictures from the November & December events on the Facebook page, and there are nominations happening for the Official Lands of Exile 2021 Calendar that will be open for a couple more weeks.

Happy holidays, and joyous New Year!


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