The Post Event Letter (PEL) is how you let plot know what you've been up to in game (both as a PC and NPC).  These letters help our writers and GMs stay in touch with in game player experiences. We use this information to help plot align with the story as it unfolds each game from player actions.


We encourage EVERYONE who attended each game to fill this out as soon as possible, while things are still fresh in mind.

When do PELs open?

PELs open within the week after a game.  Open PELs will be announced via Facebook group.

When do PELs close?

During the season, PELs close the around the week before the next game, or a month after a half-season finale and end-of-season finale. 

See Facebook Group for the Latest PEL

At this time, PELs are not able to be submitted while we move to a new online character management system. Check back soon for a new portal access!