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Season Finale Prelude - November 2021 Event

Hey folks! Here is the prelude for the 2021 November Event - Season Finale! The prelude sets the tone for the event, and foreshadows things to come. It gives you the base information you need for the setting this event for collective storytelling. The announcements for the event are in a post immediately following this.


// Where last we left off, in October during the Thinnest Veil, the Veil was pulled tight by the Veil Weaver to prevent the Immortals from feeding straight from the large amounts of recycled essence. Due to this, holes were created in the Veil. The Veil Weaver was forced to open four of these outside New Haven in Troll Country, and our heroes managed to repair and lock three of them closed by sneaking around the Immortals, push back the Immortals, and prevent the Immortals from gaining any of the holes in the Weave for their own nefarious purposes. But neither side was able to claim a complete victory, and now tears have been ripped in the Veil within the vicinity of New Haven and Everdusk. //


This shouldn’t be happening.

Many find solace in the fact that they will some day meet the true death. Others live in existential fear of it. Some don’t even consider it, or try not to think of it. But it is the law of this world – that one day you and I will meet true death, and our essence will be recycled as is the law of nature.

But there is also the promise even when we find true death, if the spirit is strong enough, that we can return during the Thinnest Veil. The rules of the afterlife after true death are still not completely understood and it’s not exactly known why some spirits can return on the Thinnest Veil. Sometimes these spirits are trapped in our realm, or just simply spirits that stepped over accidentally. Other times, they are spirits of vengeance, hatred, or those with unsettled business. But as long as our known history has existed, the Veil is thinnest for those few days in the Tenth month. It is the law of nature and of our world even if we do not fully comprehend it.

The first day after this year's Thinnest Veil there were many ghosts, perhaps more than usual. It could be chalked up to high spirit activity in the area in the days beforehand, or perhaps the Drow were at their evil machinations again and creating swathes of ghosts as they sometimes do. The war is still going on after all – and the Western line is still a constant bloodbath. Maybe you put some of these spirits to rest, maybe you ignored them. How odd that the Thinnest Veil was lasting an extra day, but not completely unheard of.

But they returned the next day. The spirits you tried to put to rest. The spirits you tried to not look at and ignore.

And then the next.

And then almost as if all at once the realization spread like wildfire through us about a week after the Thinnest Veil – it wasn’t after the Thinnest Veil – we were still in it. It never stopped. Then the tears began appearing - these weren’t like the holes that the Veil Weaver had intentionally and deliberately crafted for our fight with the Immortals. They started as small pinpricks like a thread unraveling only visible to those who could speak with the dead. But they grew, ripping the Veil in places to where we all could see them.

For about a month now we’ve been in this Thinnest Veil, these spirits unable to cross over - trapped here. Their reactions to it are as varied as their reasons for being upon our plane. Oracles and those sensitive to the otherworldly have been receiving visions in flames, dreams, in cards, and in bones. The Veil Weaver is stuck in a web they have cocooned around Themself, holding the threads of the Veil taut as they pull and try to tear away from Them. An Arch-Fey looks at you, and there is almost a terrifyingly mortal quality to Their expression -



PLOT NOTES - The Thinnest Veil is still happening, and all laws of the Thinnest Veil apply. Wandering spirits are still visible. You can read about the lore of the Thinnest Veil here. If your character is sensitive to otherworldly happenings (Sanctum Elves, oracles, etc), you will receive a plot note at Check-in.


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