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Season Finale Announcements - November 2021 Event

Hey folks! Here are the announcements for 2021's November Event - Season Finale!

Checking In

Check-in will be at the Big Red Tavern (High Town). There are going to be signs for you to read that tell you how to complete your check-in. You will pick up a check-list form and go through the stations and have notes and initials added from Staff. You can preview the check-in directions here and the Check-In Checklist here if you want an idea of how it will work, but all of this will be posted and given to you at Check-In and the stations labelled. If your character is sensitive to otherworldly happenings (Sanctum Elves, oracles, etc), you will receive a plot note at Check-in.


The prelude sets the tone for the event, and foreshadows things to come. It gives you the base information you need for this event for collective storytelling. You can read the 2021 November Event Prelude here.

Public Schedule

The Public Schedule is posted on the Notice Boards and on tables in the taverns that act as a Public Notice of certain things happening in game that people or groups in-game want to advertise.

This is going to be updated on tomorrow with some location and time changes, and will have an out of game Spoiler Schedule added to the back of it at this time. The finalized version will be posted on Thursday (tomorrow) at 3pm and in game on the missive boards. THERE ARE A LOT OF EXTRA MISSIVES AND BOUNTIES THAT ARE NOT ON THE PUBLIC SCHEDULE, YOU WILL WANT TO LOOK AT THE NOTICE BOARD AT GAME.

You can view the Public Schedule here.

Wartable Missives

The Wartable Missives are missions available for the Wartable. Commanders can collect tokens to help or to hinder these missions that take place between events. You can read through the full system and premise here. These missives are posted on the Notice Boards in the taverns and at the Wartable tent (at the Crossroads on the road). The Wartable Missives for the November 2021 event are:

1) Exploration: New Haven, we the Elves of Pine ask for you assistance in exploring and mapping the areas west of Estel'Dor, so that we can possible use this land as future grounds to set up a new home for parts of our people. Meet under the new moon at the bridge across to troll country if you wish to help.

2) Conscripts Required: As is your duty to the empire as citizens living on Drow lands, you must send forth conscripts to help in the war effort against the intrudes and occupiers on our lands and dealing with a rebellious group. Grehloks preferred but not required.

3) Job offer: Kilgore Meadery is looking for a transport team to deliver our fine wines to paying customers. Wagons will be provided, competitive wages and bonuses for speedy delivery.

4) Mercenaries: Torric Jones needs assistance with protection of Blackwater and its interests against nefarious forces. They have struck once and were repelled by combine efforts with New Haven, so shall we work together again.

5) Winter is coming: The farmers around town that provide a great portion of the food New Haven needs to survive need help to harvest the crop and prepare it for the winter before the hard freeze kills everything and there is no food to eat.

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