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Schedules for the November 2021 Event

Hey folks! Here are the updated schedules for the Season Finale - November 2021 Event!

Public Schedule

The Public Schedule is posted on the Notice Boards and on tables in the taverns that act as a Public Notice of certain things happening in game that people or groups in-game want to advertise.

The Spoiler Schedule is on the back of the Public Schedule, and is an OUT OF GAME reference so you can put your character somewhere at the "right place, right time." You do not need to look at this to have a good time at game if you want to keep meta to a minimum for yourself.

There are a lot of missives, bounties, and missions that won't be found on the schedules that you will organically come across at the event - these schedules are just meant to give you a base line of things happening. There are also many things out in the world to discover and encounter from exploring.

You can preview both the Public and Spoiler Schedule here.



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