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Rulebook Update 3.2 - 10/4/2021

As always, these changes are recorded in the Change Log on the Rulebook page! The following are the updates made to the Rulebook in 3.2:

Safety Updates

  • Orange lights and tape added as out of game indicator for "do not approach" or "safety hazard."

  • "Timeout" is now the word to use for halting combat and pausing the game for emergencies. This was previously "hold."

  • "EMT" is now the word to use for out of game medical attention. This was previously "medic."

Mechanics Updates

  • Animate Dead description updated

  • Rituals specified as needing to have phys reps for reagants when performing a ritual

  • Blood Magic more clearly defined to indicate its nature

  • Dominate (Blood Mage) description updated

  • Blood Ward (Blood Mage) description updated

  • Blood Bind (Blood Mage) description updated

  • Wither (Blood Mage) description updated

  • Essence Exchange (Blood Mage) COST and description updated

General Updates

  • Code of Conduct link added.

  • Dress Code link added

  • Nordic Effects and Plot Effects definitions added

  • Community Manager added to Reporting to Staff

  • Nordic resources clause added to Resources

  • Tear of the Fae removed as purchasable with Honor Points

  • Wartable Tokens added as a purchaseable resource with Honor Points


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