The Rulebook

The rulebook covers the following topics AND MORE. Understanding all of these sections are important to having a great time at Lands of Exile!

Most recent rules updates are typically highlighted in yellow inside the rulebook. Below is a snapshot of what is contained in the google doc.

  • General Rules

  • Roleplaying Mechanics​​

  • Safety Rules

    • Including non-com player guidelines​

  • Game Mechanic Rules

    • Including Death and Resource Gathering rules

  • Races Of Lands of Exile

  • Combat Rules

    • What is and is not allowed in our medium combat play style​

  • Weapon and Armor Regulations

    • Including LARP weapon construction rules​

  • Building your Character

    • Skills

    • Warrior Actions

    • Rogue Actions

    • Magic

      • Mage

      • Alchemist

      • Bard

      • Ritualist

      • Taglines

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Changes on Feb 11, 2018

Game Mechanics Changes

  • The rogue action stun was taken out of the game entirely. It took away from the rogue being an opportunist and gave them the wrong sort of feel in game.
  • The spell paralyze has been replaced with the spell freeze. This spell is better suited for the game and can be much more versatile.
    • Wording: Freeze (Target: Spell ball, Duration: 1 minute, Tagline: Freeze) The target becomes encased in a foot thick block of ice and cannot move or be moved. While frozen the target is completely immune to everything until either 10 points of damage is done to the ice or 1 minute has elapsed. This does not stop a person's death or ghost count, nore does it cure things like cyanide, poison or geas if the target suffered them before being encased in ice.
  • Changed where you go when you "ghost". Instead of the death shrine of your choice, you now come to the plot cabin. Your death will be recorded, you will be either given a death shroud to wear so you then can go haunt the area of your choice to await resurrection, or you may choose to NPC until you can be resurrected.
  • Added the new way of getting your resource draws into the system This is by the NPC "merchant" that is sent to the tavern during meals with the tags.
  • Changed where the target area is for assassinate, it is no longer across the throat, instead it is the upper chest above the pectoral muscles but below the throat. This is to keep assassinates safer.
  • Added that sunder cannot be touch casted.
  • Lowered the cost of all potions by one resource. The exception to this is cyanide.
  • Added in a contact version of cyanide to be symbolized with petroleum jelly.
  • Changed that enthrall can only be broken if the bard stops performing or the bard is interrupted. No longer can someone just step between the bard and his target. The bard must be stopped.

Rulebook Additions and Changes
  • Lowered max lengths of spears and polearms to 92".
  • Added full weapons construction guidelines to the player's guide.
  • Clarified that metal plate armor must be made of at least 22 gauge and have rolled edges if below 18 gauge
  • Clarified the difference between brigandine armor and coat of plates.
  • Clarified the difference between how nurse and surgeon works in treating cyanide
  • Clarified that shield and weapon fortification does not stack.
  • Clarified that you must be completely stopped directly behind your target to use both sap or assassinate.
  • Clarified that people animated by the animate dead spell are immune to all bard and rogue abilities.
  • Clarified how geas works.

Mid-Season update Jul 17, 2018

Game Mechanics Changes

  • Surgery ability now requires at least 1 minute of RP, instead of 5.
  • Rituals were split into two categories. Lesser rituals take at least 1 minute and use no resources, greater rituals still take 5 minutes and use resources.
Rulebook Additions and Changes
  • Costuming Addition: Polyurethane armor counts as what it represents, as does butcher chain and aluminum, in regards to AP. This is meant to allow armor wearing for people who cannot wear 40 pounds of armor due to medical or other reasons.
  • Weapons Rules: New rules for bows added. Guidelines for calculating projectile force are provided. If your bow fires over 100 feet then it probably will not pass inspection.
  • Clarified what happens when further sunders or other actions are delivered to a sundered item.
  • Clarified that Both Surgery (Surgeon) and Regenerate (Ritual) can restore lost limbs.

Pre-Season patch Feb 01, 2019

Game Mechanics Changes

  • Second Wind now takes a full hour out of combat to reset instead of 10 minutes.
  • A Maimed leg now requires you to kneel on one knee, with no "hopping". If your leg is Maimed you take a knee unless real life medical reasons prevent this.
Rulebook Additions and Changes
  • Resist now works on Warrior Actions, except for Sunder.
  • Elemental Strike gets a new element, Acid!
  • You can now choose to spend 1 Energy when you cast Elemental Strike to be able to immediately throw 3 Elemental Strikes in rapid succession.
  • Soothe now calms both Fear and Berzerk.
  • Both Curse and Ward now have a function where you can ward doors easily.
  • Clarified Sunder a bit.
  • Clarified geas.
  • Clarified that all rituals need to have an audible, spoken, verbal component.

Rulebook 3.0 update on Feb 19, 2020

Game Mechanics Changes

  • Gathering: Flowers that are gathered will now have a three event expiration date from the time they are picked, be it from gathering in the wild or from an herbalists planter.
  • Surgery: Repairing maimed limbs or curing poison/cyanide requires 1 minute per ailment. [Example: A player has both arms maimed, it would take two minutes to repair both arms.]
  • Enchanting: Enchantment times have been adjusted.
  • Blacksmithing: Repair now costs 1 iron.
  • Mages - Renew: Mend has been renamed Renew to differentiate it from a mages temporary Mend.
  • Mages - Mend: Mend now only temporarily repairs a shield or weapon, which will break again after five minutes.
  • Bard - Soothe: Soothe will work on someone afflicted by the Agony blood ritual.
  • Ritualist - Ritual range has been reduced from 10 feet to 5 feet.
  • Ritualist - Soul Speech: Cost reduced to 1 cp.
  • Tagline Table Updated
Rulebook Additions
  • Alchemist - Batch Brew: A skilled alchemist can now brew 3 of the same potion in a 10 minutes so long as they have the required reagents.
  • Blood Mage Advanced Class has been added with new skills.
  • Death: Reminder that soul shard is an OOC term and your character would not be aware of how many they have in stock.
  • Weapon Types: The small overlap in lengths between medium swords and great sword lengths is to account for bastard swords. (If you use a move that requires a great weapon with a bastard sword, it must be held in two hands rather than one.)
  • Professions: Reminder that all professions require phys reps to perform

Rulebook 3.2 update on Oct 4, 2021

Safety Updates

  • Orange lights and tape added as out of game indicator for "do not approach" or "safety hazard."
  • "Timeout" is now the word to use for halting combat and pausing the game for emergencies. This was previously "hold."
  • "EMT" is now the word to use for immediate out of game medical attention. This was previously "medic."
Mechanics Updates
  • Animate Dead description updated
  • Rituals specified as needing to have phys reps for reagants when performing a ritual
  • Blood Magic more clearly defined to indicate its nature
  • Dominate (Blood Mage) description updated
  • Blood Ward (Blood Mage) description updated
  • Blood Bind (Blood Mage) description updated
  • Wither (Blood Mage) description updated
  • Essence Exchange (Blood Mage) COST and description updated
General Updates
  • Code of Conduct link added.
  • Dress Code link added
  • Nordic Effects and Plot Effects definitions added
  • Community Manager added to Reporting to Staff
  • Nordic resources clause added to Resources
  • Tear of the Fae removed as purchasable with Honor Points
  • Wartable Tokens added as a purchaseable resource with Honor Points

Rulebook 3.1 update on Aug 3, 2021

Game Mechanics Additions

  • Wartable Tokens were added as a resource to the game.
  • Wartable Activity Skills were added as a Skill type.
  • Commander and Researcher skills were added to the game.
At the beginning of an event, every player character is given one Wartable Token that out of game represents that they will be assisting a Wartable Activity. Wartable Activities are actions that are introduced and resolved at game events, but the character actions described by the Wartable Activities happen between games. Wartable Tokens are not stealable, as they represent a character's agreement to assist, but can be given to a Commander or Researcher voluntarily to assist with a project or activity between games.