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The Rulebook

The rulebook covers the following topics AND MORE. Understanding all of these sections are important to having a great time at Lands of Exile!

Most recent rules updates are typically highlighted in yellow inside the rulebook. Below is a snapshot of what is contained in the google doc.

  • General Rules

  • Roleplaying Mechanics​​

  • Safety Rules

    • Including non-com player guidelines​

  • Game Mechanic Rules

    • Including Death and Resource Gathering rules

  • Races Of Lands of Exile

  • Combat Rules

    • What is and is not allowed in our medium combat play style​

  • Weapon and Armor Regulations

    • Including LARP weapon construction rules​

  • Building your Character

    • Skills

    • Warrior Actions

    • Rogue Actions

    • Magic

      • Mage

      • Alchemist

      • Bard

      • Ritualist

      • Taglines