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October Event Announcements - Facebook Down

Hey folks! Facebook is currently down, and we don't know when it might be back up. As such, all of the announcements and pertinent info for the October event will be on the website/through email, and on the Discord. If you have a question you can post it on the General Chat in Discord or send it to You can join the Discord here. If you have a question specifically in regard to your CP Records and LARPortal, for a quicker response you can @ or message Emil (emilll#5858) directly on Discord, or send an email (slower response time).

The Pre-Lude that reviews what all has been happening in the past 6 months (the in game time from our last event) and a reminder of where we left off in the story will be released the evening of Wednesday, October 6th. We'll share anything you need to know for the October Event as Announcements at that time as well. Make sure you have read the Covid-19 Policies and taken care of everything you need to for that so you don't lose your ticket.

See you soon!


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