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Pre-season Rulebook Update Release (3.0)

Hello friends!

It's time for the pre-season rulebook update! The LoE Rules Dev group’s main focus during the off-season was the development of the Blood Mage class, rewording for clarity, and economics - but there were also a few changes to current mechanics. Major changes are highlighted in yellow. Here are some quick patch notes so that you’re all aware of changes, though I recommend looking through the rulebook in its entirety to re-familiarize yourselves with it.

Gathering: Flowers that are gathered will now have a three event expiration date from the picked, be it from gathering in the wild or from an herbalists planter.

Death: A quick reminder that soul shard is an OOC term and your character would not be aware of how many they have "in stock".

Weapon Types: The small overlap in lengths between medium swords and great sword lengths is to account for bastard swords. (If you use a move that requires a great weapon with a bastard sword, it must be held in two hands rather than one.)

Professions: (All professions require phys reps to perform)

-Surgery: Repairing maimed limbs or curing poison/cyanide requires 1 minute per ailment. [Example: A player has both arms maimed, it would take two minutes to repair both arms.]

-Enchanting: Enchantment times have been adjusted.


Mage -Mend: Mend now only temporarily repairs a shield or weapon, which will break again after five minutes.

Alchemist -Batch Brew: A skilled alchemist can now brew 3 of the same potion in a 10 minutes so long as they have the required reagents.

-Renew: Mend has been renamed Renew to differentiate it from a mages temporary Mend.

Bard: -Soothe: Sooth will work on someone afflicted by the Agony blood ritual.

Ritualist: -Ritual range has been reduced from 10 feet to 5 feet.

-Soul Speech: Cost reduced to 1 cp.

Blood Mage: Advanced Class Added to the class listing.

Tagline Table Updated

Anyone who's character is affected by these changes and wants the immediate CP for the cost of the affected profession/spell/action to be refunded will be allowed to do so, but you must fill out a new character sheet for plot records.

If there are any questions feel free to ask them and myself or another member of the rules dev team will try to answer them as we can.

LoE Rulebook 3.0:

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