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Website Release!

We are live! Thank you everyone for your patience while we created a new website after the old one was the victim of malicious code.

Although we rushed to get this out in less than a week, there are still areas and pages that are being updated and edited. The old content, created 4 years ago, is in need of updating, and we want to take this opportunity to do so. However, that will be done while the site is live, so you no longer have to wait for the Rulebook and Lore.

Some cool things on their way are:

Tutorials! New and updated, demonstrating how to create inexpensive costuming that falls within our costuming guidelines!

Forum! Sadly, we have not been able to port the old forum (yet). We are also creating a new forum here, for RP in-between games.

Updated Race Lore! An effort two years in the making, we are finally nearing the end of the playable race updates. These updates will give each playable race a lot more depth, as well as outline their place in our world more than we have currently. 75% of the races are set to be updated before the March2018 game!

New Playable Races! Half Orc will be a new playable race in March2018, and a new, unannounced race will also be joining them! This race is replacing the Cave Dwarves from the old lore.

And more!

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