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Updated Grehlok Lore

As foretold, here is the updated addendum to the lore for the Grehlok, after the Grehlok Cure was achieved at September's Event! The below information will be formatted and added to the Grehlok Packet Information page soon. As a reminder, there can be no new Grehlok Player Characters from this point forward. Thank you to AGM Jordan Mullaney for writing this packet!


In the weeks following the success of the Grehlok Cure, all Grehlok across the Exiled Lands and Homelands– whether born or turned– have experienced physical and psychological changes. Much like the transformation process of a freshly-turned Grehlok, these changes vary depending on the individual, with no discernible pattern or method to speed or slow it.

The Cursemark on their necks has faded and healed some, but is not completely removed. For some, the change is almost imperceptible without careful study. For others, the progress is swift. By Thinnest Veil, their Cursemark resembles a fresh scar or a scabbing wound.

Their ragged, black-tipped ears have been similarly affected. Many have noticed the black coloring slowly fading or receding, or their ears shrinking and becoming softer or rounder. For those born into the Grehlok Curse, most find their ears reverting to the rounded tips of a Human. Others reflect the lineage of their non-Grehlok parent, gaining the pointed ears of a half-elf or half-kin. For those who were turned into Grehlok, they find their ears reverting to their original appearance.

While the physical changes of Grehlok are varied, the psychological changes are universal. Since the Cure, the mental connection to the Drow has been severed entirely. Those once affected by the Grehlok Curse finally experience true peace; their minds are finally free of the disembodied whispers of the Drow. While some individuals still follow the orders of the Drow out of fear, loyalty or Geas ritual, the compulsatory obedience the Drow previously commanded has ended forever.

Required Costuming:

Cursemark: For the October event, former Grehlok are still required to have their Cursemark on the front-right of their necks (denoted with make-up). The Cursemark can be black, or a player may represent the progress of the mark "fading'' by using a flesh tone color a few shades different from their own skin (micking a fresh scar).

Optional Costuming:

Charred, ragged and/or black-tipped ears: For the rest of the season, Grehlok ears (black-tipped ragged ear prosthetics) are now optional costuming. A player may continue to wear their previous Grehlok ear prosthetics, if desired. For RP purposes, the characters' ears ARE changing at an extremely slow rate– but Out of Game, no changes to the actual prosthetic are required.

Alternatively, a player may choose to represent the progression of the change. This can be done by combining any of the following:

  • Represent their black-tipped ears "fading" by reducing or removing the black coloration from your Grehlok ear prosthetics.

  • Represent shrinking by wearing no ear prosthetics (human ears), or by using short or medium-length pointed ear prosthetics. Black tips are optional.

  • Represent a completed change. Turned Grehlok should utilize the costuming requirements of their character's previous race. Born Grehlok may choose either Human or Hybrid* costuming requirements.

**Hybrids MUST have their costuming pre-approved. For those attending the October event, contact a New Player Marshal for approval no later than Tuesday the 17th.


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