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Ticket Info for the July Event: "Return to the Reach"

Tickets for the July 7-9th event "Return to the Reach" will be available this Tuesday, June 20th at 8pm ET on the King Heron Pass Store.

Sleeping arrangements are hostel style, with multiple rooms that range from 8 to 16 bunks. Most folks will be sleeping in the Fort, and you'll pick an empty bed upon arrival based on a first come basis.

There are four private rooms in the Fort available, and one private cabin available (these are optional and are an a ticket add on to try to recoup some of the cost of Camp McNeill. Base Player Pass cost will remain the same.). Private Quarters information is at the bottom of this announcement.



Please note the following when making a decision on attending and align your expectations. We do not recommend this special event for you if you don't vibe with any of the following:

  • There is no air conditioned sleeping space at Camp McNeill, but there is power for CPAPs and portable AC units (mention that in your ticket survey so we can make plans to not blow the breakers).

  • There will be moments of levity and constant roleplay as usual, but expect your NPC time to be combat unless you are an orange headband for the weekend. This event is going to have a higher combat content ratio than normal, and everyone needs to be ready to support the story of others as needed as they do for you.

  • This event is very much "high risk, high reward" in several facets - there is a higher chance of a Player Character death and/or the possibility of a TPK at this event. We are letting you know now that in order for this story to be satisfying, your characters will be presented with situations that cannot be overcome with pulling out a sword and hoping for the best. Sentinel's Reach is a scary place.

  • Space is more limited at this event than usual, please only get a ticket if you are planning on coming. Reminder that you CANNOT resell tickets for more than they cost.


Private Quarters add-on information-

We are also offering an optional ticket add-on - Private Quarters! There are two types: Private Cabins and the Fort (private room). You can have the entire place all to yourself, share it with your friends, or sacrifice them in peace! If you are splitting with friends, one person in your group adds it on to their ticket, and their name will be the one on the reservation. The cost below is the TOTAL cost for the add-on (not per person), but if you want a whole cabin to yourself… we can’t stop you.

Private Cabin - $100

There is one exclusive cabin available. The other two Cabins will be used for staff and staging areas. The cabin available is the third cabin from the road (the one with the direct path to the Fort).

Each cabin has two separate rooms and two bathrooms- one room with four beds, and the other with eight beds.

The Fort (Private room) - $75

On each corner of the Fort are private rooms with 4 beds each inside + a private bathroom (those are the Private Rooms!).


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