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We have some important pre-announcements for those of you attending the September.


Firstly, the NPC Time Signup for this event will be posted TOMORROW, 9/4 AT 8PM ET. A link will be posted in the Community Facebook group at that time by Austin B, and will close Wednesday 9/6 at 8pm ET.


Secondarily, we have a form that is now open if you did not attend the July Event. As stated in a previous announcement, characters that were not present at Sentinel’s Reach have the option to have been captured/MIA. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT LIKE PREVIOUS PRISONER OF WAR MODS THAT WERE RUN. This is a very HIGH RISK mod, much like the “bad times roulette” at Amnesty - you should only take this option if you are interested in some Bad Times Roleplay. The chances of your character dying/losing a soul shard are higher, it has the potential to affect your entire event (and beyond), and will likely have repercussions on your character’s behaviors and personality. Only opt-in if you are certain you want high drama and bad times for your character. You can fill out the POW Opt-in Form by clicking here if your character has not been in Sentinel’s Reach (attended July or was present in Discord RP).



Here is the new non-combatant (orange headband) system mechanic, designed by Chelsea Deaner (thank you Chelsea!). The rulebook will be updated to reflect this change. The "Live, I Raise Thee" mechanic is now retired.

To use this mechanic, you must be within arm's length of the target to point and slay; the target must RP pain at being hit, which costs them one of their 2 HP (all orange headbanded characters start with 2 HP); there is a one minute cool down period before the target can be hit again. The cool down period is only for the specific target, so a different target can be hit with this mechanic without pause.

If you are an orange-headbanded player, you have a free Character Point respend available with this change. Please update your character sheet accordingly, and bring the new version with you to check-in.


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