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Scene Requests are OPEN, and will PERMANENTLY CLOSE ON AUGUST 13TH

Hey folks! Scene Requests for the September, October, and November LoE 1.0 Events are now OPEN, and will PERMANENTLY CLOSE ON AUGUST 13TH. There will be no more Scene Requests for ANY events after August 13th, with no exceptions, so that the Storytelling team can focus on ending the overall story in an organic and satisfying way. We need the extra buffer time to process these Scene Requests, hence the early cut off date before the September event and the early head's up announcement.

You'll notice that Scene Requests are now limited to 1000 characters, and external links are not allowed. We looked at all of the most excellent examples of Scene Requests that follow the guidelines over the years, and found this character count to be the max character count of almost all of them.

Please note that we are being extremely selective with what Scene Requests are approved for future events to not crowd the game with an unmanageable amount of bespoke content, and are instead focusing on larger stories that are inclusive of more people. The more inclusive, flexible and open-ended you are with your Scene Requests, the more likely we are to include that content.

Thank you for you understanding, and we look forward to seeing your ideas!

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