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Hey folks!

We have several upcoming announcements and changes to the website that are happening now. These are the preliminary announcements so that you can save the dates and know what to look for - please hold your questions until that official update announcement, which will likely answer your questions! That official update announcement with all of the details will be released in the next 2 weeks. Join our Facebook group for regular updates!

SAVE THE DATE! 2021 Events

We know that many people need to know the schedule as soon as possible to take off work, find childcare, plan travel, etc to be able to attend. We will have three events this year:

  • September 17-19 – SPECIAL GATHERING EVENT

  • October 8-10th

  • November 12-14

Website & Online Character Manager

You may notice that some links are completely removed from the website (submit backstories, scene requests, etc) - that is because we are officially onboarding our NEW ONLINE CHARACTER MANAGEMENT PORTAL, which will be ready to go by our first event back (September 2021!). We have partnered with a company that specializes in LARP database management and will have a full announcement about the company we've chosen to partner with.

The website is undergoing a ton of overhaul right now and for the next two weeks – if a page is down, something is missing, or you see something new that you haven't seen before - don’t panic - we know! We’ll be finished by the time the big update announcements roll around, with a complete list of these updates so you’ll be in the know.

The "Meet the Team" page is being overhauled to specify who does what in a restructuring of plot team – we are splitting plot team up and adding new folks into new roles and new teams - the update announcement will fully explain how the new teams work!

Every race on the “Playable Races” page will have an in depth packet, and most of them have undergone minor editing for grammar and clarity. There is a new(ish) race that will become available to play this year – please hold your questions about this until the full announcements!

All Aboard!

This post is to give you an idea of what is happening behind the scenes, what's coming, and help you prepare - so again please hold your questions until the detailed update post comes that will explain everything. The hype train is now officially boarding!


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