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PLOT NOTE: Any character who was not at the July event can:

  • Roleplay that they were not in New Haven (for one reason or another) before the Drow attack, and have made their way to Sentinel’s Reach.

  • Have stayed in New Haven, and their whereabouts are currently unknown. More details concerning this choice will be released closer to the September event.


Control of Sentinel's Reach has been restored to the The Fallen Sword, largely thanks to the valiant defenders who rallied against the relentless attacks of Exiled Forces. Still reeling in the aftermath of their hard-fought victory, the forces of New Haven take comfort in the successful reclamation of Sentinel's Reach and other strategic successes.

Evolution, the mysterious Drow Archon who long sparked chaos and turmoil, has been captured. Realizing the danger of harboring such a valuable prisoner at Sentinel's Reach, the Fallen Sword swiftly whisked the Archon of Evolution away to an undisclosed location, ensuring he would remain secure for later questioning. The Archon of Inquest was also sighted at Sentinel’s Reach but is unfortunately presumed to have escaped.

Appropriately, the story of the greatest triumph from the Battle for the Reach has already blazed through the Exiled Lands rumor mill like wildfire: the legendary Auger of Wrath, a longtime symbol of terror, met his final end at the hands of New Haven's citizens.

However, a lesser known battle was also won. While in Sentinel’s Reach, Grehlok endured an onslaught of compelling whispers and eerie commands, but withstood the pressures and emerged victorious. Yet now, a preternatural silence has fallen upon the minds of Grehlok in the Reach, leaving those within its walls to wonder… why?

Victories, both great and small, are well deserved and hard-won. But in the throes of war, loss is inevitable. In the midst of the Battle for the Reach, Nostel’Dor, the once impregnable Elendari stronghold to the North, succumbed to the control of the Drow in an overwhelming attack. Some reports now reaching the Fallen Sword suggest that there were more Drow Archons present at Nostel’Dor than had yet been seen in any forward advance.

These tumultuous battles serve as a stinging reminder about how precariously peace and life sit in the balance between chaos and death. The costs from the reclamation of Sentinel's Reach and the loss of Nostel’Dor underscore the bittersweet nature of victory.

Whispers now circulate, hinting at the Drow's intentions to set their sights on the Elendari’s king piece: the stronghold of Estel’Dor, seeking to deliver a decisive blow and bring an end to the war from their perspective. But in order to take a king, some pawns must be toppled.

Scouting reports have come in that the Drow have made their displeasure known: their nearby scattered forces turned as one on the undefended New Haven. It and the surrounding areas were quickly overwhelmed by Exiled Forces. Though attempts have been made, retaking the area has proven to be too perilous a task. Nonetheless, the resolute Fallen Sword stand by New Haven's side and offer the Reach as a temporary haven. They vow that when they and the Elendari have recovered, they will do all they can to help free New Haven from the grasp of the Exiled Forces. Recovery will take time, but the Commanders are confident an opportunity will arise by the Ninth Month.

Already making good on their promises, the Fallen Sword have set out to scout a new path to New Haven. Attempts to reach it via the sea have been met with unprecedented difficulty. The once calm, placid waters surrounding the Exiled Lands' coast have become violently treacherous, rendering many portside locations– including New Haven– inaccessible by water. Once vital maritime routes are now severed, adding further challenge to an already complex situation.

The hope for Veyvinian aid dwindles as Veyveux grapples with their own troubles, and the schism within their court deepens by the day. The Dauphin struggles to hold both sides together but, without external assistance, faces an impasse. One faction desires progress, unity, and fairness, while another clings to power and tradition. Unable to present a united front, Veyveux remained absent from the Battle for the Reach. The situation appears to be reaching a critical mass, and whispers circulate that the Dauphin may soon seek aid.

And so, the battered and burdened heroes of Sentinel's Reach look towards the future with unwavering determination as they prepare to face a more personal battle— the recovery of the only refuge they've known since the burning of the Homelands. Their home. New Haven.


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