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Into the Lion's Den: A Special One-Shot In the World of Lands of Exile

Coming August 12-14th: Into the Lion's Den - a special one-shot venture in the world of Lands of Exile!

Into the Lion's Den is a game is set at the end of the Age of Darkness– the Drow have been in control for 800 years, the entirety of your character’s life. As such, daily life is MUCH different from how characters in “modern day” might experience it.

Lands of Exile: Into the Lion’s Den finds us in the Homelands on the eve of The Second War. Called Kyo’Feir by the Drow and Shore’s End by… everyone else, this settlement was once a thriving, diverse port, but has become a small backwater under Drow rule. The populace had never tasted total freedom from Drow Rule, but for the majority of the last 800 years they rarely came face to face with Drow of any significant rank. But as rumors spread throughout the empire that rebellion is brewing, every yoke is tightened, and the people of Kyo’Feir had their quiet existence disrupted seemingly overnight. Now the denizens are living under strict martial law. Freedom, however it comes, will not be without cost.

Into the Lion’s Den is intended to be a roleplay heavy, combat lite event. There will be no required NPC shift, and major combat will be limited to one (1) battle at the end of the event. Character versus Character (CvC) has the potential to be more common at this event, but violence has serious in-game consequences in this setting.

Into the Lion’s Den tells a story that has already happened in the world of Lands of Exile- meaning the narrative is more important than how the story ends. In the spirit of full transparency, we’ll tell you now that none of the characters in this game will ultimately make it out alive- either their deaths will occur on screen or off. The narrative is intended to give meaning and a voice to the in-game history and the lives of those that made it happen.

Event Passes go up for sale 6/24 at 5pm edt. You can visit the event page here for full information (live at 5pm edt on 6/22).


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