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Important Event Update

Hey folks,

I don't want to do this, but need to call the event early for health and safety because we have no water on site. The rangers came out last night at 4am to investigate the water situation, and the well pump is out. Unfortunately this means that we have no water on site for drinking, hygiene, bathrooms, cooking, sustaining life etc.

I'll be sending out communications and make an announcement in regard to what we will be doing about tickets purchased.

We are just as upset about this as you are but this is completely out of anyone's hands and it's just not safe for us to stay.

We are going to start packing up at noon and need to be off site by 3. I'll keep you updated via email updates (it's the easiest to push an email via the website system), you can also text me at the phone number on the fliers we put outside everyone's cabins.

Emil (Game Owner)


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