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Covid-19 Attendance Policy Updates

The Covid-19 Attendance Policy has been updated with new requirements:

  • You must provide a negative Covid-19 test per the specifications on the policy page - you no longer have the choice between masking the entire event and presenting a negative test. You are of course still welcome to mask, you just may no longer choose to do so in lieu of testing.

  • Rapid Test Results now have specific requirements on how to submit them.

Rapid Test Result Acceptance Protocol:

  1. Grab a witness to watch you take your test, explain to them that they are your witness for this process, and make sure they understand and consent to attesting for you*.

  2. Write your name and the day's date on the test result itself (month, day, and year). You cannot digitally date it afterwards, your name and date MUST be included IN THE PICTURE ITSELF, ON THE TEST ITSELF.

  3. Take a picture of the above (your test result, with your name and the date in the picture). Send it to with your name as the subject line. Put the name of your witness in the body text of the email*.

Review the full Covid-19 Attendance Policy here.


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