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Good day friends!

Tickets for the April 14-16 Event will go on sale this Wednesday, March 29th at 8pm ET on the King Heron Events website (! We're expecting a full house and recommend grabbing your ticket as soon as possible when they're released. There will be 15 discounted New Player tickets available.


March Post Event Letters (PELs) are going to be released soon with an announcement from our Director, we have an update for you that's going to make everything more streamlined for this year!

Thank you for your patience, the reason for the delay is because we have been automating & building a new form!

PELs are now going to be open on a rolling basis. We are using the same PEL link for all events - the first question the form will ask you is what Event you're filling your PEL out for. This means you can fill it out on your ride home, or as soon as you want to! Soft closure of the PELs is going to be a week after the event they are for - that's when staff has a meeting to review them, but you're welcome to submit after that week (with the knowledge that we may not be able to read it before the next event).

We're excited to see you all soon!


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