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Premier LARP of North Carolina


"Due to the massive destruction in their home lands, our heroes are forced to find haven in an unexplored continent, known as the Exiled Lands.  Full of unknown enemies, new friends, and forgotten magic, what skills will you draw upon in these dark times?"


Founded in 2014, Lands of Exile LARP offers an immersive experience with an open ended system, allowing character customization for all playstyles. If you are completely new to LARPing, welcome! And we suggest you take a look at the information about Getting Started.

Our rules system and plot writing team strive to support the spectrum of LARPing styles, from desire for combat to a weekend of 100% roleplay.

Join us on an adventure like no other. With events held six times a year at Singletary State Park in southeastern North Carolina, we have hundreds of acres to discover new friends and enemies alike

​What kind of LARP is Lands of Exile?

Lands of Exile is what’s considered a medium combat, high fantasy LARP. Our main goal is to provide an experience for our players that makes them feel like they are in another world. Please note, we are an age 18+ game!

Our world is reactive to the character decisions.

Our plot team is always working to create the story with the players, in hopes that we can make your impacts felt throughout the world and within the story. We use Scene Requests and Post Event Letters to keep in touch with our players.

We strive to be a full immersion LARP.

Our setting is much like that of Lord of the Rings or other fantasy novels. There are fantastical creatures and magic. Costuming is based around a "high fantasy medieval" garb aesthetic. Our players, as well as our staff, are costumed in appropriate garb for the fantasy genre, and stay in character for the full game from beginning to end. Plot, as well as players, provide real handmade props for quests and puzzles.

We are a medium combat LARP.

We perform melee combat using realistic foam weapons with our own original combat system, as well as spellcasting with packets filled with bird seed, and padded arrows for LARP archery. See the rulebook or details.

We foster an active, caring community.

Both players and team work to create a safe, engaging space for fantasy lovers of all types. We have guidelines for safe immersion, as well as Post Event Letters for post-game feedback. Unofficial events, such as craft days or photoshoots, happen throughout the year. Join our Facebook Group to stay up to date with the community!

December 27, 2019

The tentative dates for 2020 Events are:

March 6-8
April 3-5
May 15-17
Sept 4-6
Oct 2-4
Nov 6-8

These will be confirmed  mid-January!

September 5, 2019

September's Event has been canceled due to weather conditions surrounding Dorian. Check the facebook page for the ticket survey for refunds or transfers. See you all in October! 

February 10, 2019

Check out the rules patch that came out this week- Rulebook

January 24, 2019

All Event Dates for 2019 season:

March 8-10
April 5-7
May 17-19
Sept 6-8
Oct 4-6
Nov 1-3

November 30, 2018

Homepage, Campsite, and Contact pages have been updated!

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Adventure with us!

Thank you for checking us out, and we hope to see you in The Lands of Exile!

2019 Event Dates

March 8-10
April 5-7
May 17-19
Sept 6-8
Oct 4-6
Nov 1-3

Singletary Lake Group Camp,
Elizabethtown, NC 28337, USA