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Hello everyone,

My name is Maddie Hefner, character name Nelliel Mistsong. I am a new LARPer, semi-experienced in roleplay, and an avid lover of D&D. I'm still getting used to everything, but I absolutely love LoE, game and community.

Quick Introduction to Nelliel:

Nelliel Mistsong is a female Free Grehlok and prides herself as one of the lead surgeons of New Haven. She is a well learned Surgeon, dabbling Alchemist and Researcher, but also well equipped to use the arts of Rogues. Her current mission, as she is more than happy to share, is to collect and compile all medicinal knowledge/manuscripts/research to preserve what knowledge survived from the Mainlands. Nelliel also aspires to become a Diplomat and Advocate for Grehloks as more are displaced and freed from the tyranny of Drow.

Nelliel Mistsong
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