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Yuri, Monk of the Order of Saint Bernard

I am an Arch-healer, Champion, and renowned Tower Knight from the Kingdom of Brackish Moor. I specialize in single sword combat, and am Master of the Dragon, Veil, Wolf, Chalice, and Gryphon. Ask me about my belts.

Under siege of dragons, we transitioned into a more militaristic group in combating them. I was overly taxed as a field medic and became overwhelmed at the staggering losses. As the kingdom became no more, I went into a Monastery to practice my healing magik and decided to forego my last name, Lihandsome, with my Monkish vows. I joined the Order of Saint Bernard and began brewing mead with my monkish brethren. As things fell apart in the lands, a dragon burnt my Monastery to the ground-with all of my brothers. Also, all of my medals and honors were destroyed. Miraculously, I was untouched. Possibly this was with the assistance of a Fae of the surrounding woods? I mounted my last-made barrel of ale, trudged over the wreckage and my friends, and made my way to the coast to escape from my survivors guilt and my own losses as word came in from all around of the destruction. I stumbled upon an Elandari camp and assisted with their evacuation efforts, and eventually set sail after hearing of the Iron Wolves' presence on the Island. I am honoring my monkish brethren through further brewing and perfecting of ales-and am NOT an alcoholic, thank you very much. I drink frequently to my comfort and share the glorious history of my lands and my deeds.

If you'd like anything done, speak to my Wolves first.


Healer/Mage, Mercenary, Craftsman (Brewmaster) and soon to be God of Cookery. Former high-court Master Healer, and NO I don't want to talk about it.

Yuri, Monk of the OSB
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