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About Our Team

Since its inception, the cornerstone of Lands of Exile has been our community. We have different teams that work as wagon wheels that keep the caravan moving, which are shown below. Our Storytellers are a team of dedicated staff for the game, who work to create the overarching stories, lore, and experience that you have at LoE as as whole. Our Facilitators are Players that use their skills to assist facets of the game in specific areas, and include our Marshals, Contributors, and Discord Team. You can contact a staff member by sending an email to, addressed to them, or by pinging them on the Discord.

Storytelling Team

Emil Zickafoose - Game Owner & Producer

ZR Taylor - Director & Game Manager

Jordan Mullaney - Storyteller & New Player Liaison

Austin Buysse - Storyteller

Justin Bullock - Storyteller

Logan Dawson - Storyteller

Discord Team

Patrick S. - Head Discord Moderator

Ace P. - Discord Moderator

Aven H. - Discord Moderator

Hannah D. - Discord Moderator

Facilitators & Coordinators

Hannah Davis - New Player Liason


Updated list coming soon!

Rules Marshals

Updated list coming soon!

Race Leads

Updated list coming soon!

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