Why are you venturing to the Exiled Lands?


"Life without war on the Homelands was relatively peaceful... Until 4 years ago, an event of immense power and unknown origin arose from the bowels of the earth itself. At first, rumors were spread of a volcanic eruption that had arisen due to Dwarven or Ryggan tunnels venturing too deeply; but it was soon learned that the fiery destruction was caused by beasts that had never been encountered before in the history of existence."


"They rode the skies on leathery wings, spewing fire from throats and ripping down buildings with their talons. Their flesh could not be pierced, nor spell constrict. Even attempts at magical fortifications were for naught. Rumors were spoken that these fire born beasts would not cross the seas. Though the decision was harsh, the Elendari were formed and swiftly put all their effort into evacuating the Homelands, to the only place they could think of: The Exiled Lands - A place across the water, fraught with old enemies and unknown dangers."


"You, along with others still trapped in the Homelands, have boarded a ship on course for the Exiled Lands. 4 years After Fire (4AF),The Dragons are still burning everything that lives, and the wasteland that was once the Homelands is no longer habitable. Have you escaped with friends or family? Or have you lost everything? The month long voyage to the Lands of Exile will give you time to think about your next move...."

The History of You

Each character is requested that you submit your backstory to plot using the form link below. A backstory will help you figure out who you are in the game world, and it should only cover your story up until your first game. Anything that happens after that is The Game! Plot staff reads every backstory! One or two sentences is ok if that's all you have, but you are welcome to write more.  Please try to keep it under 2 pages so we can focus the big pictures from your character's history.

When creating a backstory, please keep in mind your character is just starting this adventure. It’s a bit uninteresting to write a character who is “epic” – instead, focus on making a well rounded character that has a history, a past, motivation, things they are good at, and things they aren’t so good at. The best characters have faults, and room to grow and learn.


We use this to not only get to know your character, but also make sure that their story abides by the rules (below) and falls within the Lands of Exile game world.  We typically only contact people via Facebook or Email if there are issues, so if you haven't heard from us before your first game, consider yourself approved!

If you change characters or wish to update something important in your backstory, simply resubmit your ENTIRE backstory, with the changes, and mention that it is a new version so we can discard the old one.

Backstory Rules

We suggest you give a quick read over the basic lore of our world before submitting your back story, as well as check out the new (as of 2020) Homelands Lore and Homelands Map

As for the rules pertaining to character backstories:

  • Your character may not be more than 100 years of age. 

  • Your character may not currently be a noble, royal, or have any type of official title that would be recognized by a government (this stuff is earned in game!)

  • Your character’s history is welcome to be dark, but we do not allow for sexual abuse to be in any back stories or plot lines.

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At this time, backstories are not able to be submitted while we move to a new online character management system. Check back soon for a new portal access!