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The Perennial War

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The Perennial War is an event intended to contribute to backstory development and roleplay. The actual gameplay at Legends of Exile LARP takes place in the ETERNAL LANDS, not the Mainland. Gestalts or "on-screen" depictions of The Perennial War will not appear as part of the game.

The Deadlock

The Perennial War, colloquially called "The Deadlock" due to its unyielding nature and the land it sits on, began almost 150 years ago and continues to this day. It serves as one of the first and most profound consequences of the Shattered Storm. Born from the cataclysm's fury, a tempest of lightning rent the land, opening fissures that unleashed toxic fumes - leaving devastation in their wake.


Accounts speak of a desperate young wizard rumored to have attempted to seal the deadly gaping chasm to protect her nearby town. In her desperation, she delved into conjuration magic far beyond her mastery. Channeling the Shattered Storm’s energy, her desperate actions spawned gestalts: never before seen monsters of twisted anatomy, poisoned by her magic. The wizard is said to have abandoned this continent -  her identity and whereabouts have become lost to the passage of time and the annals of history. Though the toxic gasses have since dissipated, the desolation remains. These abominations, which repair themselves anew after being cut down, continue to besiege the land - the same unchanging enemy every time. The ceaseless conflict has endured until present day, waged to prevent their advance across the barren terrain.


The Perennial War is a grim saga of attrition, where each hard-won gain is met with equally devastating losses. The Council has publicly acknowledged the enduring nature of this struggle. Countless heroes' lives have been committed in pursuit of methods to permanently vanquish the gestalts. Yet the gestalts’ relentless regeneration persists, defying every attempt at annihilation.


The battleground itself, also dubbed "The Deadlock," exists beyond the sovereignty of any province, overseen by the Council in a global effort to continue to contain this perpetual menace.


In times when enlistment wanes or when covert operations are needed—be it rescues behind enemy lines or the testing of new strategies—the Council turns to mercenaries. Many brave individuals, driven by duty or societal obligation, are conscripted into the Perennial War.

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