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LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Play. Ok, so what is that? LARP, in its most basic form, is playing characters and acting out scenarios in a world apart from your current one. There are many different genres of LARPs - some are set in a medieval world, some are futuristic, some in a wild west style world, and some are set in modern day.  

What Kind of LARP is Lands of Exile (LoE)?


Lands of Exile is what’s considered a high fantasy LARP.  Although we've created our own unique world, the aesthetic is similar to Lord of the Rings or traditional tabletop fantasy RPGs.  At LoE, there are fantastical creatures and magic, as well as combat, quests, and consequences.


We strive for a higher-than-average immersion standard. This means that we have a few minimum costuming and item guidelines that we require, from players and staff alike, in order to maintain the experience. Our community is always open to help you reach this!


We are a medium combat LARP. This means that weapon swings are done with more force than lightest touch, but no follow through. We resolve combat using realistic foam weapons and utilizing our own combat system, as well as packets filled with bird seed for spells, and LARP-safe IDV arrows. Weapons checks are done before every game to ensure safety.


Certain levels of communication, negotiation, and consent are staples of our play style, and guidelines are provided in the Rulebook. Many people think of intense and secretive interpersonal competition when they think about combat LARP. Although there is room for this within the game, we cultivate a collaborative roleplaying environment where we encourage players to work together to create awesome stories.  


We are strictly an 18+ game due to our combat level, themes of war and violence, and use of realistic wounds and SFX. Respect and consent are a priority; even so, sexual abuse themes are NOT permitted in any capacity at Lands of Exile.

What Sets Lands of Exile Apart?

We have an approachable and friendly team/staff.

Our goal is to provide everyone with a great experience, and if you find yourself feeling lost, we are always open to giving advice on how to better work your character into the story that lies before you. Please join the Facebook group!

We are a high immersion LARP.  

Costuming and props are very important to us, and we attempt to represent everything in an accurate physical way, from hungry farmers to giant mutated monsters. Props and items are expected to have a realistic-looking physical representation (physrep) in order to "exist" in the world.  We also do our best to keep modern influences to a minimum.

We do not use GM narration of scenes or circumstances.

Instead, our plot members play key characters that interact with the players in character in order to tell the story. Game is always on and flowing in real time in the world around you.

NPC (monstering) time is fun!

At Lands of Exile, NPCs are not “just combat fodder”, although sometimes combat may be their primary assignment. We like to use a large variety of combat, roguish, roleplaying, and other styles throughout the game weekend.  NPCs are often given backstories or small goals they must accomplish, in the face of PC interference.  Any roleplay or combat that follows is organic, and can create long-term effects for the world and players. 

Our combat rules are high risk to make combat feel immersive.

We have designed a simple, fast combat system that intends to create real-time battle scenarios. We are medium contact, and swings are stronger than a lightest touch game, but without follow-through power. We do not call damage, and combat calls are limited to taglines.

We use LARP bows and IDV branded arrows.

We are using a State Park that allows the use of approved bows and IDV flathead arrows. Bows are limited to 26 pound draws at 28". Only flathead, IDV arrows are permitted (any color fletchings)! Please see this link for the safety sheet on why IDV is our trusted brand. Most LARP retailers sell IDV arrows.

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