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You can submit a Post Event Letter by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Looking for the Community Feedback Form? Click here!

What's the Post Event Letter?

Post Event Letters are Story Reports, available for players to fill out after an event that ask a series of questions to sum up what happened to their characters. The purpose of the PEL is to that communicate what happened to your PC (player character) and NPCs (non-player characters) for continuity and story-telling. When you submit a PEL, it allows the storytelling team to search back through history to see what characters were involved in something and in what capacity - even things that transpired years ago! Post Event letters are in-game happenings! We encourage everyone that attended to fill out a PEL!

What's the Community Feedback Form?

PELs are not a catch-all or intended for out-of-game feedback - if you want to report something, provide feedback, raise a concern, complain, or have something that needs action taken or resolution, you will need to submit to the Community Feedback Form. Only Admin (the GM and AGM's) and the Community Manager (Michael Hoff) see the Community Feedback Form, and communication of the content is then dispersed as necessary for action(s) being taken. The Community Form is Out-Of-Game happenings!


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