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What should you do before for your first game?

Get Involved

Join the Facebook group to get involved in the community! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date!



Check out the Playable Races and World Lore!

Build your Character Sheet!

Submit your Backstory!



Read up on the Rules and Lore! 

Check out our Dress Code as you create your costume.



Buy your ticket at the Pass Store.

Join our Discord and Facebook Group and have fun!


Have questions? Meet the New Player Marshals! They are an official resource to answer questions about canon, mechanics, lore, rules, and a variety of topics. Join the Facebook group and post your questions, or message one of them directly!


Jordan Mullaney

New Player Marshal

Jordan discovered her love of larping in 2015, when she joined LoE as a player. She adores the blend of costuming, theatre, improvisation, writing and hitting-people-with-swords that larping provides. When not singing to forest animals or weaving flowers into her hair, Jordan finds joy in dumping advice onto new players or screaming obscenities while rolling around in a mound of dirt #fortheaesthetic.


Hannah Davis

New Player Marshal

Hannah joined the team in November of 2021, having learned the art of LARP at Lands of Exile since March 2020. She enjoys roleplaying and crafting, writing and chatting with friends, and creating the threads of stories for others to weave into something greater than the sum of its parts. In addition to her LARPing hobbies and responsibilities, she enjoys tabletop gaming, video gaming, and cooking.

Check out the Official New Player Guide for a tips, tricks, frequently asked questions and more!

Basic requirements for playing at LoE


You must be at least 18 years of age 

You must sign the insurance waivers at your first game

You must adhere to the basic garb standards/dress code (though we offer extensive guidance and our community often steps up to help new players reach this goal!)

You must be familiar with our Rulebook and adhere to the safety standards

You must be familiar with our Lore

You must fulfill the Covid-19 Attendance Requirements to attend

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