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You're entering a new world

Lands of Exile 1.0, the current story taking place in 2023, is ending! Lands of Exile 2.0 premiers in 2024: with all new characters, new story, and all new possibilities.

Do you wish to proceed to Lands of Exile 2.0?

Lands of Exile 2.0, like LoE 1.0, a high fantasy medieval setting. Although the world is changing, the aesthetics are universal. Costuming, weapons, and prosthetics from 1.0 will still be usable in 2.0, in a new context.

During the 2023 season, we are excited to close out the narratives we have built together with a bang. Only you can decide how the story ends in the most exciting year of Lands of Exile yet.

Are you a new player?

Lands of Exile 1.0 is still for you, even if the story is wrapping up at the end of 2023! Have questions or need advice? Reach out to a New Player Marshal, our official resource for a variety of information about Lands of Exile 1.0. This is the best time to start your journey into the Exiled Lands - with the current narrative wrapping up, you have the opportunity to make a lasting mark in the final chapter of this story.

Announcements for Lands of Exile 2.0 are ongoing through 2023!

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