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Anamnesis Expectations

What's special about the Anamnesis?

The Anamnesis are a mystery, and “big” answers about the core of their existence are not expected to come out immediately in game. Resurgent are existential, shocking, and represent the unknown. For at least the first season, you should expect to be treated with some suspicion or worry: after all, it is quite shocking to see a corpse (or monstrous corpse) walking among the living with a consciousness! Choosing to play a Resurgent is not something to take lightly: much of the roleplay you will experience (internally and externally) is about your existence and what “the self” truly is. You are special, and you have a special story, but there are some additional expectations and requirements to playing a Resurgent.

What is the process to play an Anamnesis?

To play an Anamnesis, you must go through a special application process and be approved. Those steps are:

  1. Fully read through the Anamnesis packet and this page.

  2. Submit your application to play a Resurgent.

  3. Submit your proposed costuming for your Resurgent (if you are doing any Advanced Costuming beyond the basic costuming requirements).

  4. After approval, submit your backstory.

If your application is approved, you must submit a backstory at least one week before your first game. Your backstory must be approved before you can come into play (per the existing backstory requirements outlined in the Backstory Submission form). Like all other characters, you must join a Faction (you will have 3 events to decide your Faction).

What are requirements & expectations to play an Anamnesis?

Plot-Determined & Story Related Gaps

Be aware and prepared that many facets of being an Anamnesis are plot-determined and story-related. 

Your "new" body is not your own. It is a complete blind spot to you (the player). Although it won’t effect your autonomy in your story, the history of your "new" physical body is completely up to plot and is a plot-point. Plot will be setting the timeline for the first event. If you are Anamnesis at Game One of Legends, you will be required to NPC on Friday night. You can only come into play after Friday night NPC.

If you are joining in the first season, your Anamnesis character may in-game be treated with suspicion or unfamiliarity by other characters. Your existence is shocking, scary, and existentially dreadful. Playing an Anamnesis can welcome CvC (character versus character) drama and content because of the unfamiliar and shocking nature of your Awakening.

Your Original Body is Alive

Your original body is still living and is Hallowed. It is rotting away somewhere on the [Mainland]. It is presumed that people die in real life when they die in their nightmare, so how Hallowed exist is a mystery.

Your Nightmare is Special: You Died!

You died in your nightmare, at which time everything went black. You had a life like any other PC on the [Mainland], but never woke up. Upon Awakening as a Resurgent, the last memory that you have was dying in your nightmare.]

You Cannot Roleplay Between Games, ever

The Resurgent have never been seen before, and will never appear on the [Mainland]. For reasons to discover in-game, you will never be able to roleplay between games (aka Discord role-play). Between games you go to an unconscious, dreamless state.

You Have To Do Serious Out-of-Game Legwork

To play an Anamnesis, you’ll have to do serious out-of-game legwork to build connections and negotiate with other players before you even come into play. You're required to have out-of-game negotiation with two parties: a loved one of your character, and a Necromancer. If you are a New Player, our #Connections channel in our Discord or a New Player Marshal can help you find these connections. Resurgent are intended to be a rare Awakening: these connections are REQUIRED and are an ongoing RP commitment.

  1. You need to make at least one serious connection with another player’s character (that is not a Resurgent themself), such as blood-related family, friend, or another very meaningful relationship that happened before your character became a Hallowed. You can have more than one of this connection.
  • This character is the “initiator” - the person who will carry your soul with them. They have dreams about you, or visions, and they initiate with the necromancer to try to create you.

2. A Necromancer must in-game do the process to “create” your character. For the first few games, this magic may not be understood - so you will need to talk with them to make “rule of cool” in-game reasoning to create you.

  • The spell to create an Anamnesis is a Necromancy spell. The system is not released, but it is safe to say that any character dipping into Necromancy will likely have this special spell that can be used.

  • If a necromancer is unavailable, and you are otherwise approved to play an Anamnesis, plot will provide a necromancer NPC for you.

Special Costuming Requirement Notes

Costuming requirements are outlined in the packet. However, a note on “Already Awakened: Incorporate a single physical aspect from another Awakening’s Required, Optional, or Advanced Costuming, or [Redacted].”


[Redacted] references “contorted” Awakening features, or plot-selected features. These must be approved via the Advanced Awakening Costume Form.

  1. Examples of contorted Awakening features: bloody nubs where Myrelok horns once were, dead plants from the Quanoxi, etc.

  2. Plot-selected features are Advanced additions to your costuming that are pre-selected by plot for story reasons. You can view the current available list here.

In weather that is above eighty degrees, an Anamnesis player may reduce their costuming to the minimum requirements for their personal comfort. In game:  Scholars have yet to discover exactly why, but the Island behaves differently in times of particularly hot weather. These changes affect the Anamnesis Awakened in a physical way,  sometimes by temporarily reversing their decomposition state to something less extreme.

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