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Big Announcements! New name, new look, faction preview, & more!

We have some exciting announcements for you!

Firstly, we are excited to officially announce the name of LoE 2.0 is “LEGENDS OF EXILE!” This new world and new story deserves its own name, while still staying recognizable as LoE. We are in the process of changing over to a new domain, updating registries, etc - in the meantime you can continue to call us Lands of Exile until we make that “it’s live!” announcement! You can always visit us at our existing website: we have no plans to get rid of the old domain/website completely. You'll notice in the meantime that certain parts of the website are inaccessible or password locked: that is by design!

Secondly, we have some delicious things cooking for CULTURES! We’re ecstatic to announce that one of our long-time Editors and an award winning writer, Zenith (previously known as Nicole), has been selected to organize and manage the Cultures for the PC’s backgrounds as our Lead Culture Designer. Culture teaser packets will be made available in late January! If you applied to write for Cultures: keep an eye on your email! You'll receive something by this Sunday evening.

Thirdly, the Advanced Awakening application form will be opening in mid January! If you’d like to get your costumes approved for advanced costuming, you can submit to that form when it opens on the website.

And lastly…. FACTIONS ARE HERE! Tomorrow at 6PM ET, the Faction packets will be made live here on the website! These packets are only TEASERS, but have so much juicy information to help you start deciding on a Faction. Along with the packets, check the website for a Faction Overview/FAQ AND a special poll, where YOU can help pick the coat of arms for each faction! Make your voice heard and fill out that poll on the website when the Factions announcement goes up.


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