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Heka’te Lamiaceae

/Heck•ah•tay La•me•ah•see•ayy/

A high elven witch from a swampish area of the main land named Altagaia. Her parents were herbalists, however she strives for a different path. Her name is written as three moons. She is new to New Haven, but hopes to be able to help in her own way.

Devoted to Ordin, she has been gifted with an ”All Seeing Eye” that grants her the sight of auras and glimpses of visions. Please note that due to the nature of ”free will,” consultations with the witch’s visions are one of many potential outcomes of each destiny.

Although considerably young for a high elf, Heka’te has an old soul. She can be remarkably laid back and prefers to take things as they come. However, a few drops of ale is all it takes to see the more reckless side of the witch.

She has yet to create alliances on either side, however she has taken an interest in the Order of the Knights Transcendent because of a familiarity which she can’t quite place.

Rowan Ravenwood

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