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Caelyn the Bard: Owner, Editor, Reporter, and Finance Officer of the Elendari Dispatch.

Born to an affluent family in the coastal city of L'Am Hedos, Caelyn was orphaned when a freak carriage accident left his parents trampled. His next of kin, unwilling to take on the responsibility of raising another child, pulled some strings to have the young elf raised as a foundling of the prestigious L'Am Hedan Acadamie of Higher Learnings.

After years of being raised by scholars, administrators, and graduate students, Caelyn longed for the world outside academia, and abandoned the teaching career he had been groomed for his entire life in order to wander the Homelands.

Misadventures! Failed romances! A brief career as a glorified accountant! And finally Caelyn settled into the life of an innkeeper on a crossroads deep in Wylde Elf territory. There he led a peaceful trade harboring merchants and travelers while respecting the customs of the local tribe until the dragons forced him to flee.

Now he does what he can to bring some semblance of peace and civility to the untamed Exiled Lands by keeping the People informed with a periodical of some renown!

Caelyn T. Bard
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