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This is the first deposit of three for the 2020 Season Pass for Lands of Exile. 


Season Passes are a total of $330. The Second deposit of $110 is due February 1st, and the third deposit of $110 is Due March 1st. You can pay for them in up to three payments of $110, or all at once as you choose.


Seasons passes and deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances and are not transferable. This will allow one person a guaranteed spot all year for the 2020 spring and fall season events.


Season Pass Holders will also be granted a free Lands of Exile T-shirt (currently being designed) and their choice of either a Tear of the Fae (a non-lootable item that grants a free self resurrection without burning a soul shard) or 30 Honor Points.


We will be offering up a total of 30 season passes this year like we did last year. Season passes will be released in two batches - 15 will be available on December 1st, and 15 on January 1st. To reserve your season pass, you will need to make the first payment of $110 when they become available.

2020 Season Pass - 1st Deposit