After creating a character and buying an event pass, then what?


For a handy reference for attending your first game (or your 21st!), check out the checklist!

Event Location: Singletary Lake State Park Group Camp



Singletary Lake Group Camp, Elizabethtown, NC 28337, USA



Heated Cabins, potable running water, showers, modern plumbing, kitchen area with stove, fridge and microwave, swimming (lake).

We use both camps, Loblolly and Ipecac, for most games.  

The campsite is mainly beach sand and pine straw. There is one main road which is paved. Paths are either gravel, dirt, or sand. There are ants, spiders, and prickly plants, so bring comfortable, closed toed footwear!

See Campsite Info for more regarding rules and prohibited items.

Signing Up for a Cabin


Cabin sign-ups are not required, as a bed space will always be available for any ticket purchase. However, many people like to sign up with friends, or prefer one campsite over the other. Cabin sign-ups happen in the Facebook group about 1 week before game, and use Google forms.  If you do not sign up pre-game, you will be assigned an open bed upon check in.


Arriving to Game



The camp opens to the public around 8am Fridays. Lands of Exile staff does not arrive until about 5pm.



Please try to arrive at the site no later than 8pm Friday evening so you can be checked in by 9:30. If you do not attend check in during the designated time, you will have to wait a bit for a team member to assist you after game on.


Check in is mandatory, and starts at 7:30pm ending no later than 9:30pm. Please check in fully costumed and bring all your weapons and shields for a safety check. Make sure you buy or create a safe weapon! We reserve the right to reject any weapon or armor from use in the game if we deem it is unsafe (sharp-edged plate armor, for example) or not up to immersion standards. During check in:

  • First time players will need to sign forms.

  • Your bed sign up will be confirmed.

  • Character sheets will be checked (you should provide your already filled out sheet)

  • Weapons and armor will be checked.

  • Sign up for an NPC shift.

  • Perform any other logistics needed.


If you arrive late to check in, you will have to wait until a team member has time after game-on to check you in!


Pre-game announcements begin at 10:00 pm, typically in the "Big Red Tavern". 


It is very important you attend announcements, as we will go over rules changes/clarifications, photographers, non-combat players, any last minute safety messages (animal activity, trails that are off limits, etc), and other things related to having a good time at the game. Typically, announcements take 20-40 minutes

New player orientation takes place immediately after announcements, while returning players begin the game.

Game on!



As returning players start game, first time players will be taken aside and have a second, more in depth (out of character) briefing that will bring you up to speed on what Lands of Exile is like. You will have time to ask as many questions about the game and rules as you wish.  After the briefing, you will get escorted to the game-on location and will all enter the game together, as if you just arrived on an refugee ship, escaping the dragon fire in the burned lands. 

Game off!

There is no official game off call, and gameplay runs non-stop until early Sunday morning.  Plot typically shuts down around 2-3 am, but players are welcome to continue roleplaying until they fall asleep or the sun rises. 


Sunday morning is clean up day, and every attendee is expected to chip in to help clean their cabin and sleeping area. You are always welcome to do more (there are many different tasks to do!), and doing so will earn you Honor Points. Please see a team member at the game to make sure you get Honor Points for any extra work!

We clear out of the campsite by 12pm Sunday morning.

A Note on Immersion

We want to keep the in game area free of modern items that could abruptly bring someone out of character and back into the modern world. We require period looking drinking, eating, and seating items when in the in-play areas (only immediate sleeping areas and bathrooms are out of play).


The basic rule to go by is, if it doesn’t look like it would belong in the middle ages or a Lord of the Rings scene, then it doesn’t belong in the in game area. If you have modern items, they must be kept in your car or in a designated out of game area. Immersive props and atmosphere are a huge part of the creation of our fantasy world.

Costuming and Appropriate Clothing

Lands of Exile is a full immersion fantasy LARP. As such, we require all of our players and our monsters to be fully costumed. As far as our requirements, we ask that all of our players’ costumes be made out of fabric that would be suiting of the medieval period. Sequins or the cheap silky fabrics that flood party city, for example, would not be desirable.


Read more details about our Dress Code

At every game, we perform a costume and weapons check for safety and immersion. If it’s not perfect the first time, don’t fret! We will offer gentle suggestions on how to improve anything that may need to be change, and are always willing to help you find or make any part of the costume you may need. We also offer limited amounts of loaner costuming for your first game (though we do not have everything you will need, like warm clothing!).

For a basic costume, you will need the following items. If you don’t mind  a little handy work, and you already own a set of dark shoes, then you should be able to put together a basic costume for under $50! If you want to make your costume, we provide some tutorials.  Second hand stores are great places to find clothing to modify for LARP.


Here are the basic clothing items you will need:

  • Simple Shirt – Purchase one from us or follow this tutorial on how to make your own.

  • Simple Set of Pants – Purchase one from us or follow this tutorial on how to make your own. Jeans and sweatpants are not allowed.

  • A Cloak or Blanket – Even in the summer, nights can be chilly! We don't allow modern outerwear, so a neutral color blanket (brown, black, grey, olive green) is a great beginner solution to keep warm.

  • A Belt – Not required but very useful. Look for these at your local thrift stores!

  • Footwear – Footwear MUST be immersive and non-modern looking. This doesn't mean expensive, but will take a little creativity.  Accepted styles: dark or neutral colors, without obvious modern stylings. and modern winter boots are not accepted, but MAY be used with boot covers! Boot covers solve many footwear problems, and can be done in many ways. Check out our tutorial on making your footwear more immersive (coming soon). Sneakers: Explicitly not permitted (even if they are neutral looking) except in cases of disability. We still ask an effort to be made to add to their immersion (adding wraps or bootcovers).

  • Medieval gear to NPC in - Everyone performs an NPC shift, where you become a different character or creature! You only need to bring a basic set of clothes that fit our basic requirements. If you only have the one set of medieval clothing that your PC wears, that’s fine! We have ways to add to your costume to make you look different from your regular character.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed at the game while the game time is active. The reason being, these items break the fantasy setting of the game as they blatant references to modern society. Our game is dedicated to truly make you feel like you are in another world, and we spend a lot on immersive costuming and props for the game. Our players are also dedicated to the same standards. If you have any questions about costume approval please ask a GM, and they will be happy to help you find something that would work. A generally good reference is if you wouldn’t see it in something like Game of Thrones, it probably is the wrong time period, or too modern.

  • No modern shirts or modern outerwear. This includes any shirts that have pockets like dress shirts or ribbing around the neck like cotton shirts. T-shirts are also not allowed. Clothing worn underneath your kit can be modern, but should still be black or grey in the case that it shows.

  • Sweatpants and Jeans are strictly not allowed.  No other modern or visible pockets in pants, either.

  • Tennis shoes/sneakers are not allowed. You can wear black or brown colored tennis shoes if they are covered with boot toppers, but any bright colors are strictly prohibited.

  • No alcohol or labelled, empty bottles are allowed at the events. If bringing wine bottles with non-alcoholic drinks in them, the original labels MUST be removed completely before bringing them on site.

  • No plastic utensils or plates, no modern day water bottles or cans. There are holders for bottles and cans that can be used to cover the non-period items.

  • For seating we would like to keep it period as well, this would mean no modern folding chairs. If you have a modern folding chair, we ask you cover it with a period appropriate blanket or sheet to make it not stand out in our world.

Photo by @JonV_Photograhy
Photo by @JonV_Photograhy
Photo by @JonV_Photograhy
LARP Clothes, Got it! What Else?

Our LARP is set in a rustic environment to bring the greatest feeling of realism to our medieval themed events. You will need to bring the following items:

Appropriate Sleeping Gear – Although we sleep in cabins, we recommend bringing some kind of sleeping bag and more blankets/sleeping bags than you think you’ll need. It can get surprisingly cold at night, even in spring and summer. We have seen many times in our years on the field people unprepared for the weather. Make sure to stay warm and bring more than you need! You can always keep extra stuff in your car, or lend it out to someone who didn’t bring enough. 

Food and A Way to Cook It – You will need to bring all of your own food. Even though we have a stove and fridge space available, there is not enough room for 100 players worth of food in these facilities. For this purpose, we suggest you bring things that either do not have to be refrigerated or cooked, or bring some means of cooking it. There is a fire pit and grill for cooking, but you will need to bring your own wood and charcoal, as the camp does not provide it. You are also welcome to bring a cooler to use in our out-of-play area if you like.

Stuff to Drink – All of our sites have potable water that you can use, but you are encouraged to bring something to rehydrate you such as Gatorade to replace electrolytes. No alcohol or labelled, empty bottles are allowed at the events. If bringing wine bottles with non-alcoholic drinks in them, the original labels MUST be removed completely before bringing them on site.

Period eating and drinking utensils – Bring plates, bowls, and a mug or some other form of drinking item that is period for using in the in game area. You may still use normal silverware for eating with in the in game area, but please no plastic or disposable utensils. It is your own responsibility to clean your own eating and drinking ware.

Soap and personal care supplies – You will want to bring some kind of natural soap like Dawn to wash your dishes at the site between meals. Also, we typically do have access to showers at our site.

Rain Gear – We play rain or shine! So unless you want to huddle in your tent the whole time, we highly suggest bringing some rain gear that can fit under your costume, or bring period rain gear!

Weapons and Packets – You will want to bring something to beat on people with!  We only allow realistic looking latex or plastidip weapons. Make sure you buy or create a safe weapon! We reserve the right to reject any weapon from use in the game if we deem it is unsafe. If you plan to play a spell caster, you will also need to bring packets to throw. They need to be light colored so that they are easy to find. Spell packets are made from birdseed and cotton fabric. We will have a tutorial posted soon!

Contacting Us and Questions

We are really excited that you would like to join our community. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we’d be happy to help! The best way to get a hold of us is through our Facebook page. Simply request access and we will add you to our group. We look forward to seeing you at the game.