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This racial packet was once a race called the White Elves, that had the specific makeup requirement of painted white skin. We are changing this race to no longer be White Elves in name or costuming. This is being explained by in-game lore, but we want to make it clear that the motivations behind this were to make our game intentionally more inclusive and inviting.

In all plot documents that reference Mana Elves from the time of “White Elves” (from the point of history when the Mana Elves lost high magic, to the Manifestation in 5 A.F.), they will be referred to as “Sanctum City Elves" or "Sanctum Elves." Anywhere that "White Elf" would have been, will now be replaced with Sanctum Elf.

An in-game event called “The Manifestation” changed Sanctum Elves to become Mana Elves in the year 5 A.F. (5 After Fire). When this happened, Sanctum Elves were transformed and became more connected to the world around them, magic, and their ancestral history. Mana Elves are the truest version of what Sanctum Elves were, who had lost their color in a self-inflicted, though accidental, catastrophe.

The history referenced in this document was written before the return of Mana Elves and the culture these elves belong to (Sanctum Elves) had taken shape before the Manifestation occurred. For ease of reading, these elves are always referenced as Mana Elves in this document, but much of this information refers to the era of Sanctum Elves.

Authors and Editors: James Rose, Ellie Banks, Eden Parker, Emil Zickafoose, Noah Alderman, Jennifer Pan

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