Honor Points

Honor Points are points gained by contributing to the game. They can be earned through donating time or supplies to help make our game better. Examples would be going above and beyond to help clean up after the game, donating costuming or props, or helping out with making sure the game runs smoothly. We greatly appreciate all the help our players offer and their contributions to the game.

Honor Points can be used to purchase in game items or Character Points, as well as a special resurrection item called Tear of The Fae. Generally about an hour of time donated to the game or about $15 worth of donations or props will result in being given an Honor Point.

Please submit a support ticket before you purchase something that you want to donate. We cannot accept all donations due to storage limitations!


Here is the break down of what you can use your honor points to buy:

1 Honor Point = 1 Character Point (CP) that is already locked into an ability on your character build, can be respent on another ability. 

2 Honor Points = 1 random grab bag draw of resources.

5 Honor Points = 1 additional Wartable Token for a mission,

15 Honor Points = Purchase 1 additional CP for your character (purchase limit of one CP per five games you attend – Must Attend 5 games before first purchase).

30 Honor Points = Purchase 1 Tear of the Fae – an instant self-resurrection item that can be used to bring your character or any other character back from the dead instantly without burning a soul shard. This item is soul bound, and cannot be taken by any physical or magikal means. It is a once time use item. Multiple Tears of the Fae can be bought.

Please direct any questions through the Facebook Group.