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Mar 13, 2018



Edited: Mar 13, 2018



A powder of white covered the region of New Haven this morning, a sudden sheet of crunchy snow that came over night. Most unexpected?


But then again all things in New Haven is unexpected, she thought.


Like how the recent night of choas ended rather,...abruptly?


A small maiden in a white gown, walks across the sandy area near the fire pit. She paced with a heavy mind, leaving a trail of little footsteps behind her. She stops and pan around her to survey the woods and relish it's silence before closing her eyes. It was too early to be awake,...


Something bothered her.


Aleena could not rest for the last two days... Her mind constantly drifts back to the 'Slaver's Fight', which many she felt, was incorrectly named by new immigrants as the 'Drow Fight'. She did not recall spotting a single drow? Did any see one?


(Truely, if it were one, it would not have ended so quickly....) she thought.


According to the Fallen Sword, Jean-Paul, the male with the plume of feathers, they faught off slaver traders to rescue people who could have turned to greylocks before the drow. It was a delivery they had to intercept.


Thankfully it ended successful and quickly, well, ...at least she thought so at first?


After that fight, she was expecting survivors for them to heal and care for? But she barely found any aside from the chicken farmer??


(Where did the captives go?...) she frowned in thought.


That explanation Jean-Paul 's compatriot gave her didn't temper her concerns. The Fallen Sword warrior simply said in a non-chant way, "The captives ran away as soon as they had the chance. "


She crossed her arms while staring off to the foggy landscape.


(Something doesn't feel right....)


Gaining no insight, she turned around to head back to the tavern, it was too cold out here. She circled around the firepit until she spotted a pink speck poking out of the snow from the edge of the road.


Curious, she drew close to it.


It was a single tiny daisy pushing through a layer of snow, frozen in dewy rain and determined to shower it self with fresh sunlight.


Aleena smiled, Spring is coming.



Mar 13, 2018Edited: Mar 13, 2018

Beyond the fire pit in the sandy area between low town and high town an incantation is heard followed by a thunder crack and a flash of blue light. The incantation echoes in the cold air and lingers. The air feels electric and charged and violent. Another incantation is heard followed by the same then another and another. The voice becoming more intense and loud echoing louder and louder as more emotion is put into the spell even though it only produces the same effect.


Myrddin stands in the sand throwing pine cones into the air and striking them with his shock spell in increasing frequency and intensity. He is troubled and is working through his emotions the only way he knows how. Violence.


He soon forgoes the launching of pine cones and fires off in every which direction. He doesn’t feel any better. He stops to catch his breath. Despite the cold he is sweating from exertion. He falls to his knees and just stares off into the forest, just staring, no emotion in his face. His cloak falls softly on the snow forming a cone of black and gold around him.


Small plumes of smoke start to rise from black circles that dot the sand and surrounding area from his shock spell. Electricity still seems to hang in the air and small sparks can be seen crackling around Myrddin as the magic he just evocated into existance starts to fade.

Mar 14, 2018

Aleena from the distance was approached by another as the thunders clapped in the distance, it startled her but she did not want to approach until he was done. The two chatted a bit until she began to approach Myrddin calmly by herself.

With a deep breath, she circled him very carefully and frowned with a soften concern.

"Myrddin...." he'd see the edge of her gown near him where he was kneeling, should he look up he'd see a confused yet worried gaze.

"What is wrong....?"  tilting her head, observing the burning pinecones and then back to him.

"Theron says,...at this rate you'd decimate the pinecone population..." giving a weak smile, "...is this about the Celestials who yelled at you?"

Panting trying to regain his breath and slow the pounding in his ears Myrddin takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes and looks up to acknowledge Aleena and Theron.


As he stands up he says, “well I don’t have anything else to take my frustration out on now do I?” in response to Theron’s pun.


Turning to Aleena, “I apologize if I startled you I didn’t see anyone nearby when I walked out here. I thought I might’ve been the only one around.”


Looking around at the smoldering piles of pine cones, tree bits, and snow scorched black by his spell Myrddin really sees the destruction around him.


(Why am I so impulsive) he curses to himself


Fear streaks across Myrddin’s face with the mention of the celestials. Seeing some of the nightmares he has had since reliving the ritual to summon them again play out in his mind.


Myrddin tries to control his emotional state and asks,


“Why are you two out here so early?”

Mar 14, 2018

"We're fighting" Theron says casually.


Idly he kicks one of the pine-cones Myrddin has burnt. It disintegrates under the light pressure into ash. "Looks like you're doing the same. Though I always find it's more fun to do it with others."


Theron then regards Myrddin directly. "Getting it out of your system, whatever it is, is good. Takes care of some of the anger. But if you want to address the thoughts behind it, you've got an audience to talk to."

“Why are you and Aleena fighting? What about?” Myrddin says quizzically


Myrddin watches as the pine cone disintegrates as Theron kicks it. He smiles it makes him feel better.


Now a little embarrassed at his outburst he turns to Theron and says,


“I am struggling with my value here. Does anything I do really matter to anyone in town? Or outside the town. Do I make any difference to anyone here?”


Myrddin turns toward low town which he can see the gray roofs of the buildings through the brush, trees and over the sand dunes.


“All powerful beings who regard us as less than an ant on the road some how expect us to solve the problem of the spawn. A creature who we can’t even get near if we value our own lives even a little.”


“If they are more powerful than the eldest, which I myself still have trouble believing in, than why can’t they come down here and take care of the spawn themselves?”


Looking back towards Aleena and Theron


“I don’t understand.....”


Myrddin trails off and looks over towards low town with a frustrated look on his face.

Mar 15, 2018Edited: Mar 15, 2018

Aleena eyes dimmed and slowly looked over at Theron beside her heavily, a glowered look. The way he said that made them look like some odd couple 'fighting'!


"...." the tensity of her gaze from her was mostly at Theron before she drops her knit brow and softens her gaze to Myrddin.


"..... Nevermind us.."


She clears her throat.


Taking in his thoughts, she hears the helplessness and the weight of existencialness in his voice, his own questions that once bothered her long long ago.


(Oh Rholin, did I not ask these same things to you two years ago? That if I mattered? )



Aleena instantly smiled, feeling that this was a familiar path to her. She shakes her head.


"Oh COURSE you matter! Do not let thiz strange beings bully and harraze you. They, those Celestials, are not ze Elders nor creators of thiz world....infact, they are tryin' to control JOO because they cannot interfier vith ze living. They are...more like celestial Fae it seems. Like ze blood fae, capable of powerful thingz but not Gods. "



She crosses her wrists before her, "I do not like these Beings? But to your questions? Do joo think I not feel as little az an ant too? I do! But I do not fear a humble existance..."


Shaking her head smiling. "I will repeat this again, az I said to ze other scholar that questioned me, I do not serve ze Eldest because I expect my prayers to be answered? No! I do not do good things to recieve an award. Nein! and I do not expect them to grant wishes, they are not genies! "


"Heaven's name, if even my Eldest were to NEVER bat an eyelash my way?? i vill still serve her...."



Pressing a hand to her chest over her heart, her eyes closed.


"I serve Inil, because.... I love her. she gave everyone the gift she blessed us in creation; the power of happiness, courage, joy, passion and love. for this I cherish her. For she is Love it self. "


.She gazed up, "i am small but grateful. All elders granted us the gift and curse of free will, the freedom to do right or wrong, thiz is vhy bad things happen. Because of Free Will. Giving us this world to live in, they told us 'Here! Go and live!'....we are free to do what we like."


She lifts her gaze to Myrddin.


"Our Elders do not interfere with our world NOT because they don't want to, nor because they do not care...."


She reaches for his hands and held it, leaning in.


"....it is because it is NOT their responsibility. "


She smiles, "It is ours. It has ALWAYS been ours. We pray to our Elders not for gifts nor miracles, but for ze wisdom! Guidance. And to teach us the way to live..... "



"The Elders created and designed the world, but we, all of us living creatures own it. It is up to us to make it a better place, WE are responsible for it, not the Elders."



She presses a pinecone onto his palm and smiles.


"That Celestial fae thing, KNOWS you have the power tp change this world, so it iz trying to bully you to do itz bidding....otherwise it wpuld do so itself."


Nodding firmly.


"The same with Blood Faes abd Forest Faes, they too know that it is us, the living people, who have free will to change this world. So....to be honest? THEY are the ones who need us...."


Then points to th pinecone in his hand, "Do not fear what you can do, nor fear the darkness. We all can do great things, have hope. To survive, we must join forces, support each other, be there for one anotherz...."


Closing her eyes, "....for as long as the Sun rises everyday, there is a new day to work on a problem, a new oppurtunity, a new hope."


she smiles.


"Have faith Myrddin, one step at a time."




Mar 15, 2018

Theron smirks ever so slightly at Aleena's withering look, but keeps his gaze straightforward. He listens respectfully as she speaks, nodding in agreement in certain places.


He looks to Myrddin calmly and sympathetically. "The priestess is right, Myrddin. You have an intrinsic value as a person. And an earned value as a member of the community."


He looks around the scorched signs Myrddin's anger without judgement. "But now you've seen beyond the veil, and your perspective has altered."


He then squares his look to Myrddin. "But are you perhaps asking the wrong questions? What is value? Where does it flow from?"


He pauses and leans in. "Have you changed? Or merely has your perception of yourself?"

Myrddin listens to Aleena speak. He doesn't agree with everything she says but appreciates the wisdom the priestess has imparted.


"I understand your position, Aleena, however I do not carry the faith in the eldest that you do. I have a hard time believing in an entity I have not seen. In works I have not witnessed. The forest fae, the blood fae, even the celestials these are beings I have seen and witnessed their power. All have demonstrated power over us like we are nothing to them! I hardly believe they have to bully us into anything."


Feeling the pinecone in his hand he whispers an incantation


"Aura of light thunder forth"


Mana swirls around Myrddin becoming tendrils of lightning that shoot down his arm and up out of his hand crackling & disintegrating the pinecone with a flash of blue light followed by a small popping sound. Ashes blow away in the cold morning breeze.


"What I did to that pinecone is exactly what a celestial might be able to do to one of us. I watched Balance cast Yusuf's body aside like he was a twig."


Myrddin pauses reconsidering something Aleena said.


Myrddin then hears Theron's words. Turning to Theron


"I'd say that is a definite yes. Both times talking to these beings has changed my perspective, has reminded me that I am nothing less than an ant compared to their power. But that's what scares me the most....."


Myrddin pauses again. Concern flashing across his face.


"I understand we have free will. I do. I understand what you are saying both of you and I appreciate you listening to this crazed paranoid half-elf. I hope I never have to talk to that being ever again. Twice was one to many times."

Mar 15, 2018Edited: Mar 15, 2018

Aleena casually gazes at Theron knowingly as he expresses himself and then returned to look at Myrddin.

"I believe Theron iz right, seems you've hit a point vhere you need to find vhat ia Valuable to you? To me, I do not needith see my Eldest..." she smiles,  "But I do find comfort vhen her Messenger of Light visits me, as does the Voice of Noktal who visits Priestess Namiereith, their works ARE real. It was Inil's grand light, her power, that allows me to revive everyone all at once during ze Drow Battle with Lala long ago,... It vas ze power of Inil that help cleanse ze people with darkness in them, like Matrim and ze Afflicted,... It vas ze power of courage and determination that allowed us to exist here...now,..."

She took his hand as the ashes of the pine cone fled away, "If I were to touch jour hand, with your eyes closed,...joo vill still feel it yes? Somethings,...need not be seen, but felt in the spirit and in your heart."

Aleena lets go of his hand and smiles, "You are feeling right now, even as we speak. Your heart and soul, unable to cope with your predicament. THAT is real, your intuition. That is valuable. Now,..tis ze question? As Theron has said,...vhat do YOU want instead? To break jour ties with these beings? To not feel helpless? What is valuable to you? Vhy are joo a mage or surgeon?"

nodding a few times. "These are very important...intimes of woe like now. For me, Love is the answer to all things. It gives us the courage to push forward,...even vhen all of our legs have been cut off,...facing an enemy line..." closing her eyes recalling that moment. "Or even in times of great despair,...a rope to remind us vhat is important, ze love for this world and each other."


She presses a hand to her chest. "Without love, nothing is worth living for. That is MY value. "


Looking to him once more,

"...But I feel you'd need to learn more about the Fae and these...Celestial Fae things as vell, and understand vhere you are vith them, perhaphs research in ze Royal Library? But remember? Ze Fae were created by ze elders, they themselves would tell jou that. Inil made ze Fae of Wind, and Keirna made ze Fae of Life. These two faes are the ones who created ze White Elven....and even then! We do not venerate them as supreme beings, for they are not. At a Shrine of Inil, they are both small statues on either end of a door..."

She knit a brow, "So be very careful not to devote to a powerful being simply out of fear or power,...that is no different than ze relationship between ze Drow and Norrats, or Blood Fae and Cultist. I for one...do not worship ze Fae, I respect them but nothing more..."

She leans in "If joo truly wish to turn away from ze threats of these beings, and need help? I vill stand by you....I do NOT like powerful beings bulling others to do biddings they do not vish to do....tis not right.  Faes are no gods,..they are just another being, and killing another for not doing their task? That is tyrannical. They are wrong in my opinion to do so. Even Lala, who vas a forest spirit, had ze ability to die and rejoin ze forest...remember that. They are not gods. "

Tucking her hands within her white bell sleeves she exhails, "But as was said? Joo can not take action until joo decide vhat is valuable? Do joo wish to continue thiz mission vit these beings? Is it moral and right? Do you wish to know more on vhat they are? You must decide that first I vould thinkith?"


"If joo do not want to see them again, I feel, you shouldn't. Any Fae or being that attacks me for reasons that is unfair, demanding to do things I do not want to do? Or forcing me to take actions against my morals? Is evil...." nods firmly vith a knit brow. "No different than ze Blood Fae..."

Mar 15, 2018Edited: Mar 15, 2018

Aleena waddled a finger, "And that Blood Fae, powerful as she is, could not exist without us!"


she gazed on a bit more fiery in temper, "...I don't care how strong she is. If we mortal beings could summon her, than we CAN banish her as well. I vill not submit to her fears! If she threatens me, let her come! I do not fear her. But..."


Closing her eyes, "I also am not reckless nor want lives lost,....we need a plan. Think first, move second. Ethereal beings are cunning,...and so must we. As my friendly Arcane Engineer in Haerith said? 'All is possible with Energy and Time.' "


Mar 15, 2018

Theron stands there impassively as Aleena preaches and postulates. Leaning slightly into his staff, he observes the two of them. Something of a curious look on his face.


"Right, then. Don't let a cheap power play like knocking someone over fool you. It's just a show. Yes these things can be dangerous, but eventually the awe people feel for disembodied voices from inexplicable beings with mysterious powers leads to excuses being made for them."


He talks with his hands a bit. "I'm not saying it won't mess with the senses. I'm saying they count on that. Focus on what you are, and what you're trying to do. The mortal realm is ours, don't lose sight of that. Sometimes you need to be able to speak with the other side. Sometimes you need to tell it to piss off."



Mar 15, 2018

Aleena from her petite height beside Theron, nods and nods agreeing.

Myrddin listens to both Aleena and Theron nodding in agreement with what they have said.


”You both are right about learning more about these beings. I would like to know where these beings fit into the way of things. Whether they are indeed Fae, as you suggest Aleena, or are they something else?”


Myrddin looks down at his hands.


”I became a surgeon to help people to be more useful than I previously was; I became a mage because not only did I have an aptitude for magic, but also protection. None of us really speak of our lives prior to the dragons but my life was much harder then than it is now. I lived in fear of my life constantly back then. Not so much now.”


He returns his hands to his side his cloak closing around him. The gold embrodery glinting in the morning sun constrasting against the black of the cloak.


He closes his eyes and lets the memories of saturday night come back to him. It causes him distress. He opens his eyes again relaxing.


”The celestials requested that since we failed in our task to banish them from our plane of existence that now we cultivate them and let them thrive. To give them everything they may need to fully mature on our plane and to protect them from those that would hurt them or not want this. To me this sounds like a moral request. It does not seem unreasonable.”


Myrddin pauses between breaths


”The second thing Balance asked was that we banish the spawn of Sho’Thar from our plane, again not an immoral request. However I believe this task is much more difficult and threatening to our lives. This task is the task that gives me nightmares from which I wake screaming because I see all of my friends and family dead marked by black veins before me in my dreams. Balance said that should we need to contact him again if we cannot determine how to banish the spawn a greater price must be paid than essence gems.”


Goosebumps can be seen rising on myrddin’s neck and the hair standing on end.


”I’d prefer that anyone from New Haven NOT have to pay that price. This I feel would be immoral. This is where Balance seems threatening than helpful. If it comes to that the only person who should be sacrificed to the celestials is me as I was the one who failed their initial task. This will hopefully protect the town from the wrath of these beings thus fulfilling my mission to the town should it come to that.”


Myrddin looks away from Theron and Aleena back towards low town where daily life seems to be getting into full swing. He sees familiar faces walking about town going about their business. He smiles.


”When I first arrived here I did not feel loyalty to New Haven and it’s residents. Despite my orders from the Moordinaar I only felt loyalty to my family and friends with the Moordinaar. 2 years later I feel loyalty with both the Moordinaar and the town. We have fought together, died together, and lost friends together. It’s hard not to be loyal to the town after experiences such as those. People may not always understand the things I do, but its all for New Haven. My point is that we need to spread this information. I am tired of carrying this burden with just those who experienced the ritual and subsequent contact with the celestials. The town needs to hear these requests. If nothing else to spread the knowledge we have learned. What the town chooses to do with it is not for me to decide.”


Myrddin finishes speaking and shakes a little in his cloak looking back towards Theron and Aleena.

Mar 16, 2018Edited: Mar 16, 2018

Aleena smiles and says in reply about his occupation, "I think it is very noble of you to dedicate to ze line of surgeon and still be ze strong to fight an defendith your self. As it is said, ze Exile Lands haz a way of bringing out ze best in oneself or our worst. It seems you've found strenght,..hold on to that."


"As far as le chips, I too wish to nuture and help them. I....at first found them quiet a nuisance! But,...overtime, as I see they are evolving? I feel very fond of them..." she smiles, "I like them. They hold an innocence and purity of love not found anywhere else. They carry the sweet ideals of Inil, but they are quiet ze gullible so they do need some motherly guidance..."


She presses a hand to her heart, " I intended to protect them for a while now and care for them. They have won my love with their sweetness, I do not want darkness to ruin such a precious species, regardless what they are?..."


When he begins to mention the Celestial and their requests, Aleena knits her brow upset.


"The heck vith them! The chambers of Negarealm on this 'Balance!' No one should threaten you. Nor shall you have a need to seek it anymore..."


She closes her eyes to calm herself.


"As it stands, we already have the answer to banishing this so called 'Spawn of Shothar',..." she gazes to Myrddin again.


"The angelic Messenger of Inil, has told me that ze way in banishing this Spawn, is found with the Child of Inil, the opposite of the spawn. I am trying to find the child, and was told that maybe the chips can sense where ze child is? Until then, I shall be nurturing the chips, I sense some light in them? Such natural desire to spreed joy, curiosity and love is....rare." she smiles....


"And well, New Haven could use that. We forget sometimes that ze value of people should be held up first, after so many months and now years,....we definitely need to bind as a community. " looking away from Theron to the side.


"....even if we don't love or cherish one another, we must do so, to survive. To ALLOW a community to grow."


Aleena presses a hand to her mid chest frowning.


"I have ze unprecedented feeling, that ....somethin' vent wrong in ze Slaver's Battle. " she gazes at them both.


"I'm I ze only one who noticed we had very few people rescued? Did joo two notice vhere the captives go? Did....we miss any?" frowning. "I only saw ze chicken farmer,...no one else? Ze Fallen Sword told me that ze captives turned around and left when we interceded them,....but were they free???"


Aleena creased her hands together, "If there vere any captives taken away, we must save them! We can not have our own people become greylocs! These are our farmers! Our community who support New Haven!....I feel plagued vith doubt....did we save them all??"




Mar 16, 2018

Theron's eyes narrow some in thought, and he cups his chin whilst listening.


"Very odd behavior..." he comments on the three beings. "I'd recommend caution. I don't know much about them. But you can't use a fiend to thwart another fiend."


Turning to Aleena, he continues. "I didn't note who was rescued. But if the farmer was Carssen, I can right to them and see what they know."


"If there's one business these farmers are an expert in, it's each other's. "

Mar 16, 2018Edited: Mar 16, 2018

Aleena nods some,


"That tiz a good idea, Farmer's are very informative of each other,...yes, ze farmer was Carssen, ze little chicken farmer who vas shrieking about de eggs vith Poppy? Him. Vould joo find out for us Theron? Ze sooner ze better..."


She turns to Myrddin, "I know joo have alot in your hands, but do you know anything Myrddin?

I...now recalled ze Raddish and ze Cabbage farmer come in one evening thanking us but ze Raddish farmer said their muma and popa are gone?"


Aleena frowns, "I vas too exhausted from cleansing Matrim to pay attention....but it was hours after ze Slaver's Fight and I was preoccupied about confronting ze greyloc Ven'linil assasin."


She turns to Theron, "Oh Reminds me! I have some very urgent information that everyone must le know! Would joo spread it to everyone?" she looks to Myrddin as well.


"You must know too, tell everyone you know! There vas an assassin that came in our tavern, I had doubts he vas a willin' greyloc after Kannoth tried Geass on him? The assassin some how thwarted his interrogation. I later had doubts about him and called in Rothe. Who better to interrogate a greyloc than another greyloc?"


"Rothe then declared that any Greyloc WITHOUT a tattoo mark on their neck? Is a Vel'linir! They are the highest rank of the Greylocs, Elite Expert Assassins. They know how to manipulate emotions and feign innocent when they do not wear a mask. A un-marked Grelock is practically a free one! Able to move about to do the Drow's bidding because they ENJOY serving ze darkness. They are very cunning and serve ze drow willingly as spys..."

As Aleena describes the child of Inil Myrddin's eyes narrow with a look of suspicion as he considers what Aleena has described about the messenger of inil.


Shortly after when Theron speaks Myrddin nods in agreement.


"The mission to rescue the farmers who were captured by the drow slavers left me feeling odd as well. I found it quite difficult to distinguish friend from foe during that fight, therefore I relegated myself to being a battle healer and surgeon."


"I did find it odd that out of that entire group I only saw two farmers myself. The cabbage farmer and the chicken farmer whom we healed his legs."


Myrddin looks to Aleena


"Afterwards back in New Haven I was sitting with Yusuf discussing the preparations for the ritual when the chicken farmer came up to me asking if I had seen any other farmers who had been saved. I told him I had not and he asked me what would happen to them if the slavers still had them?"


"I responded that unfortunately I did not know what would happen to them if the slavers still had them. The farmer left after that discussion and I resumed talking with Yusuf."


Myrddin's eyes widen in shock with the description of the Greyloc assassin


"A Greylock without it's mark...very interesting."

Mar 19, 2018

"Matrim mentioned he was cleansed." Theron cuts in, honing in on that tid bit. He turns to face Aleena.


"Fully and completely. Free of the Spawn's influence he claims. That's quite a turn around from in the grips of its thrall. How did you manage to do that?"

Mar 19, 2018Edited: Mar 19, 2018

She looks up at his height and nodded with a smile.


"For a long while, we did not know where ze iccukus in Matrim was located and could not help him? Typically you can see ze black veins and be able to target it. But not in Matrim? But once he found out and knew where it was? We knew what to do.


It required four people, unlike any other Afflicted, ze icckus of black from the spawn, was clinging to his heart and soul. Which is why it tormented him so much and not easily cleansed? As I've explained to Myrddin..."


Nodding his way, " Ze Afflicted are healed with 3 stages; a surgeon to make ze incision on the black veins to drain it, an enchanter to draw it out with a crystal, and a ritualist to cleanse and help purge the darkness into the crystal. Combining Enchanting, Blessing and Science...."


She closes her eyes, "For Matrim, it was more complex, hiz soul and heart had the icckus of the spawn, we had to make an incision right at hiz heart, meaning his cleanse is very very time sensitive as he would be bleeding out.


"Doctor Embraheim was make a quick cut to his heart as skillfully as possible at the source of darkness. Katesh empowered her crystal to his heart with enchantment, she's practically mastered this ability, she's done so many cleanses all day.


I did the ritual to cleanse the darkness away from his soul and heart to her crystal,....and finally Priestess Namiereith would call upon his soul to return in a Resurrection, az I'd be too exhausted to do so. All timed perfectly under 10 mins....so he would not perished. ..."


she smiled, "It was a great success with four people, vith minimal risk. If it would have failed, he still vould not have lost a shard,...I was so pleased he vas finally cleansed. I was so very exhausted afterwards. It vas a great team effort...."

Mar 20, 2018

Gazing between the two, "Tis high morning, and tis chilli' out ze here? I'd be heading inside for breakfast. If you need anything else to speak on later? You can seek me inside or personally at my cabin..."


Giving a humble nod to them both she leaves and trails away, tucking her hands in her sleeves.

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  • Kordruk Steelborn sits in the tavern drinking and watching the form of Ro'an in the corner. The man that he has been told had a hand in so much evil that night, but seems to have broken in the after math. "What is it like to have voices in your head?" The dwarf says to the air and takes another drink from his cup. "Why, are so many hearing voices? I understand that some of the Grehloks hear the Drow, but why not all of them and why do some hear it more than others? Does Ebrahim hear the same voice he once did or has it changed? Is there a way to stop the voices?" "I miss the good old days when I could work and create and not have to fear for my soul at all times. Simpler times, when the weight of the world had not yet been revealed to me. When the Lords of the Golden Halls watched over me and my people, but now I live with people that follow the Eldest and fight amongst themselves constantly." Muttering to the air. After a moment of thought the Dwarf would rise and approach Ro'an. Setting the cup next to the Grehlok. "Here, you need to drink, and try and find balance again. This town is not going to be safe for the broken or those that hide in the corners. We pissed off the Drow again and they will be coming for us." With that Kordruk will walk back to the table he was watching over the form or Ro'an pulling out a flask and resuming his watch. "Besides, I want something stronger." Then taking a drink from the flask.
  • *A large scroll hangs on both hightown and lowtown tavern inner walls to read* A better world. That should be our highest priority in everything we do. From caring nature, to bringing joy, comforting the hurt or trying to defend others. We should always strive to hold back the madness that dwells us or others in to darker mindsets. Such a chain of events that causes the chaos we are currently entrenched in. I speak not from a high pillar but from a low bench to rest my tired feet. For I am much older than I look as I am very close to hitting my centennial year at 94 summers of age.... I am but a humble priestess writing to you all my thoughts, like a small lantern hung giving a glow in hopes to inspire some kind of positive change in our world. Sometimes I get very upset and have my fall-ups...as we witness the many horrors of these lands. We have, in recent events have lost many lives, including Baph, who heroically sacrificed himself in order to undermine the undead terror that has plagued our town and each other for nearly three years. I do not know what is the status of his life, and if …he is truly entirely gone? I wish and hope for a proper goodbye that he deserves…. He was mad but it was the right kind of righteous madness needed to defeat someone like Alabastor, my heart aches knowing he is gone. I am honored to have known him. But we also faced another kind of cultist madness, one that has been brewing under our feet and in our home for a very long time. One who did more damage in our community than they care to admit, possibly worst than the Drow for he betrayed our very own community and placed a rapture of distrust. You know who I speak of, Ebraheim. Despite the fact this ‘doctor’ strive to save our lives, he was internally wishing our demise. Such counter intuitive actions is proof of the lowest form of madness, a darkness that has ruminated and churn in his soul for far too long. And although I can see the explanation of his insanity it does not justify it. There are many who have lived worst lives and never did the damage what he has done... His desire to ‘punish’ New Haven due to past mistakes is not only a cultist and tyrannical mentality but should also be observed as a behavior not tolerated among us, whether in low town or high town or anywhere. I say this now, with calmness and much more sound soul after some recess. For I was infuriated by such betrayal ... I have heard that Ebraheim blames ‘Voices of his mind’ or Noktal for his behavior which is incredibly sacrilegious by any priest or cleric. Never, EVER, should a priest of any kind blame their elder for their detestable and abhorrent actions. We are responsible for everything we do and clerics of such nature should always hold the Six Elders in the highest esteem, holy and unreachable. Should we befallen due to poor judgement or poor interpretation of our eldest, it is we, their servants who have failed our Elder. Never the other way around. But failing and to admit failure takes great inner strength, one that many lack. I was told that he has blamed his own father and his teachings, again, blaming others instead of himself. His narcissism and emotional manipulation has no bounds and should not be tolerated. It is extremely cowardly by my upbringing to blame our parents for our actions, men of men would do no such things. And women of great women should be ashamed to mar their own mother. And to anything aside these genders, even among creatures, but as people, should such behavior not exist. Morality knows no gender, age or race... Brave ones, are at their bravest when they accept their mistakes and correct it! I speak of an old voice, no longer with us who inspired me. Rholin. Former lead of House Bellena, always projected the most wholesome ideal of correcting our mistakes, brush off our dirty knees, and get to work! A halfling motto that should be encouraged. Mistakes will always happen, it's how we fix them that sets us apart and become better people! See it not as a failure but an opportunity to show what you are made of! But Ebraheim instead chose to punish us for mistakes in the shadows and in secret instead of confronting them, he choose cowardice. He fed his inner dark desire to hurt and give pain, instead of confronting the issue at hand. He had the chance to be a great doctor, but all I see now is a broken and lost spirit who has shun the light in favor of darkness. He has my deepest pity to live a life without Inil in his heart. We are all fallible, imperfect and come from hundreds of distinctive cultures and experiences. Mistakes will ALWAYS happen, and for him to individually punish others of some ‘self-given authority’ and egotistical behavior should be condoned. I ask, to the public to please consider that should one confront him in the living, that we should withhold from sudden violence and death and give Ebraheim a combined High-Town, Low-Town and Valorian trail if possible, best after the Drow battlement. A first of it’s kind as we were ALL affected by his atrocities. Any who choose to revive him should know you are placing a high liability upon us all. Ebraheim is an individual who not only is more distrusting than a Greylock, but spiritually unsound. This volatile individual may not be much of a threat in person but allowing him to pass on his conspiracy theories and fill others with hate, malice, vindictiveness and bitterness is more damaging that one can imagine. Separate everyone in to distrusting groups….when we should be working together. We should be capable of seeing our mistakes but also help repair them. Any who silently whispers criticism is not helping. Roll up a sleeve and help! Ebraheim dared to attack his own community, one he took for granted. He has sent a troll against us at our most darkest and weakest hour, a betrayal unlike anything done before. He poisoned others at the risk of other innocent lives, tortured individuals before the blood fae and even practiced dark magics for the sake of hurting our own! Yet, despite his mal contentious behavior, he was stilled healed, cared for and behind our walls and shields. He has lost that privilege, he is a criminal. To live in New Haven is a luxury we fraught hard for. For many of us who have lived to see what the world is like out there with no shelter, no food or water, you know what I speak of. It is constant sacrificial fight for your lives at every waking hour. There is no sleep, there is no path and there is no wall to live behind. In the unchartered woods, there is no rest for the shadows in the paths outside of New Haven. If one lives here, one should feel relief and please to have a home. And at the very least feel responsible to either defend it, protect it, nurture it or at least stay out of the way when one tries to. Any who turns against us I feel looses that privilege to live here. But I also wish this to be done properly, not with malice or aggressiveness but with law and order. I do not care if others already condemned him personally, he needs to pay for actions publicly for all to see with morality, respect and dignity. Otherwise, we become the very horrors that are the Dark Elves. I do not wish to see such malice come to life because of one bad apple. Also, I am not one to create order, nor write laws neither. I am not a figure of authority nor do I want it. As a humble priestess of light, these are all suggestions. But I do support it to those who wish a better sound life of peace. To those who wish unity and stand together, elbow to elbow to condemn poor behavior and to encourage positive ones. I hope and pray that you too would want a world better once we have removed the tyrannical order that is the Dark Elves, the drow. They have made us clean up their ridiculous dark-magic mess for years with blood sweat and tears. Enslaved our people in to greylocks and egotistically only think of themselves. In the eyes of all races, the drow are nothing more than spoiled selfish children. They are incapable of caring for their own land and themselves, forcing us, as their ‘mommy and daddy’ to clean up after their selfish dark magic mess. Their sophisticated behavior is a farce. Their lands had their water already poisoned before the first ship arrived, they practically are killing themselves! As far as I am concerned, the Drow are INCAPABLE of owning their own land! It is time they pay for their infuriating actions and allow us to take over. Others made a test run of 'peace' to see what they were capable of, to test the waters of a possible respectful neutrality. I was strongly against it but many pushed to make it happen. And as expected the Drow failed. They failed this test miserably. We should not regret this effort regardless, it's water under the bridge. It was a theory that many wanted to test and the Drow discarded it with trickery as they saw it as an opportunity to undermine us, take from us, rob us and rule over us! The lands are plagued by blood cultists, blood faes, enslavement, greylocks and now obelisks draining our world in our own town! This is not their dumping ground! We are not their Slaves!! This is our land! Our L’amrún! Your home! And they need to get the hell off our Land!! All of it! They should start digging the biggest deepest hole under the earth and find their OWN continent underground or we shall put them in it! Their darkness will not be tolerated anymore! Our community can fail one battle, maybe two. But the war is not over! Not til they are done! We will always fight back. We will always push through. We will always find another way and we will NEVER give up! I look forward to fighting and healing by your sides with every fiber in me with blood, sweat and tears as we fight back for our world.. For my heart burns for every single one of you for the dreams and goals of our guilds, family, loveones and our future!... Let us not allow future generations to suffer what we had, and set down a firm mark in our lives that we will not be go quietly in to the dark! May the eldest of Hope, Love and Courage; our wonder of Light, I'nil, be with you all with great passion! For that is her true real power. Blaze powerfully. Priestess of Inil, Aleena Cloudlily
  • Still new to the town, Drivek would be still be going form place to place finding secrets about the land that he could use. When the land changed into that of the Drow territory and became dangerous to transverse alone; Drivek would have to call it quite going out by himself. But information is a necessary factor in all things. and Drivek would not be stopped. He can be seen going from person to person who look capable of protecting themselves and still mobile and start asking for partners to explore with. and allow them to share information with any group they need to. "would you like to assist me with this new lands? you see i don't trust anything that i haven't been able to map out yet. and with the creatures of the area one can never be too cautious."