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Sep 26, 2018



Edited: Sep 26, 2018

(Solo RP - no reply please :3 thankie))



At the edge of the forest,...where the stream met the grand coast, Aleena lingered passed it wondering where it went? Hesistating at the bridge, she leaned up hearing the distant calling of morning birds. After alot of hard work and stress between many people, it was time to take a bit of recess for herself....

The town was at a tension that was unbearable with accusations, suspicions, negative commentary, politics, arguments.......


Aleena, who dedicates to the Light of Love and Joy, a priestess of Inil, was feeling herself....dying. Like her soul being dragged across the rough roads, and the negative vibe was incredibly contagious...


So stressed she was. Toxic was the conversations lately.


The karma and emotions in the air was a slow death to her soul and she couldn't deal with it anymore. How can she continue to nurture warmth, friendship and compassion in this community with all this?


The answer was, she couldn't.

The small half white elf was only mortal, even the healer needed healing.


She desperately needed recess.


As Cliff once said, she was no good to anyone if she could not take care of herself. And with a upcoming ritual dedicated to the Light with the nine other mages? She must.


Her part was done for now until new information comes in, the nine were choosen and each were given their instruction to prepare. Now it was time for her to prepare as well, to meditate, to find her inner light.


At early rise of morning,.. departing with a quick farewell from Theron, she head off in the safe low sunrise to follow the stream beyond New Haven and see where it goes?


Sheltered by the great trees, she carried a basket and a scarf hooded about her hair. Her staff by her side who carried a lantern on it's curled up white nose. Crossing the stream a few times, leaping over logs without ripping her skirt, and feeling the cool of the deeper forest, she felt slowly and ironically safer?


Moss and soft cushioned grass awaited under her boots had no prints and the branches and vines fallen over told her this was a path not followed by many and most likely safe. She smiled and tucked away her hood, pushing forward...


As she traveled she was welcomed by the quiet lovely escape; opened meadows where itchy pine sands then became mossy fern, the sound of water collecting and turning at each bank was a beautiful lullaby, the leaves falling under the columnaids of sunlight made them sparkle as they fall, and the occasional butterfly crossed her path who had their own whimsical secret purpose among the high grass.


With great wonder, she smiled, halting for a moment to taking it all in.




Her lungs expanded as she breath in, her heart can flutter, ....


It was true, as the White Elves once said, the forest has a way of purifying ourselves.


To enter it's domain is to let it wash it's energy over us night and day,.


Like the old poem...


"...laiss ferin thuar I 'wilith lim echui aur....

I mrethil peliar duiw laiss

Af filig linnol der' ennasha....

Vi Inil a Kierna, dôr lenthir yua

Gorain nesta eldo

velathril nín.... "


The leaves of the hallow breathe

The sparkling air of day's awakening.

The birches spread the buds of leaves

For the small singing voices to linger there.

In Inil and Kierna, land of the tuneful world

Wandering-together these elders,

heals my beloved. "

Clasping her hands to take it in a prayer, praising this pure place. After awakening to the sounds of a chirping robin, she gathered her staff and continued, knowing a particular path in mind. It was somewhere, in the many hours of traveling, that she spotted a flat round plate on the ground. To any, it seemed to be a very large stump. But to her, it was a door. Someone lives here. A dear friend close to her.


However, once she reached the flat door, her face fell, and she hung her shoulders in forelorn.


The bundle of wax paper she left here weeks ago, is at the exact spot she left it. Now soggy, wet, and apparently half devoured by woodland creatures. Only scattered remains of the paper and ribbon is left, crawling with ants of what was once a large sandwich ....


The recipient never picked it up. "oh..."

Sep 26, 2018Edited: Sep 26, 2018

After passing the area, she frowned for a long bit,.... Settling to a log and watching the streaming water. It was here, that a fanciful little thing caught her eye? Crawling and curling every few seconds, was the fuzziest black caterpillar. Wiggling purple little antennas and passing shiney dew drops towards the edge of the leaf. Smiling, she leans in watching it. It's dainty tiny feet under it's layers of hair were like a dozen of red socks, plucking along the leaf in succession with no mind heeded to Aleena watching it. Chuckling, she says,..."Tiz like a walking mustache." Tilting her head, she noted it's purple horned like antenna. She hanged her head solemnly, tugging her white hair as a thought crossed her mind. Despite the peaceful surroundings, sadness pulled her again.


She painfully whispered. "I am sorry Namiereith...."

Sep 27, 2018Edited: Sep 27, 2018

Abandoning her shoes on the side, Aleena held up her dainty feet one foot at a time in to the flowing cool waters. It was not too deep but enough to feel how cool it was! The sensation made her shiver but also felt quiet divine! She waded in solitude with a soft smile on her face. The stream's symphony ; collecting and hit some stone edges, cascading and circulating, swirling and flowing, music to the ears.... She took it all in, in a slow and passive frolic. Her items in the meanwhile, rested on the bank neatly as she walked within the stream. Her skirt lifted up with one hand like an apron and picked up any thing else interesting? Normally in any other circumstance she won't allow her skirt to be lifted so high infront of others but being alone? Anything goes...she felt free here... Gazing below, she looked at the colorful stones reflecting up at her. A watery bay of earthy 'jem', polished and smoothed to the touch from their watery home. Walking along she stopped to see some snails crawling up on a fallen log in to the mossy surface. Hidding among tiny pink flowers, littered over the green rich moss, stretching up across the roots and branches. She smiles at the tiny worlds that exist in such curious places.... There was much to see and look at... After a while she discarded her 'treasures' and sat on a boulder, dipping a foot in and out of the stream and feeling the waters caress pass her ankles and leave. A smile on her face enjoying her self,...

New Posts
  • *A large scroll hangs on both hightown and lowtown tavern inner walls to read* A better world. That should be our highest priority in everything we do. From caring nature, to bringing joy, comforting the hurt or trying to defend others. We should always strive to hold back the madness that dwells us or others in to darker mindsets. Such a chain of events that causes the chaos we are currently entrenched in. I speak not from a high pillar but from a low bench to rest my tired feet. For I am much older than I look as I am very close to hitting my centennial year at 94 summers of age.... I am but a humble priestess writing to you all my thoughts, like a small lantern hung giving a glow in hopes to inspire some kind of positive change in our world. Sometimes I get very upset and have my fall-ups...as we witness the many horrors of these lands. We have, in recent events have lost many lives, including Baph, who heroically sacrificed himself in order to undermine the undead terror that has plagued our town and each other for nearly three years. I do not know what is the status of his life, and if …he is truly entirely gone? I wish and hope for a proper goodbye that he deserves…. He was mad but it was the right kind of righteous madness needed to defeat someone like Alabastor, my heart aches knowing he is gone. I am honored to have known him. But we also faced another kind of cultist madness, one that has been brewing under our feet and in our home for a very long time. One who did more damage in our community than they care to admit, possibly worst than the Drow for he betrayed our very own community and placed a rapture of distrust. You know who I speak of, Ebraheim. Despite the fact this ‘doctor’ strive to save our lives, he was internally wishing our demise. Such counter intuitive actions is proof of the lowest form of madness, a darkness that has ruminated and churn in his soul for far too long. And although I can see the explanation of his insanity it does not justify it. There are many who have lived worst lives and never did the damage what he has done... His desire to ‘punish’ New Haven due to past mistakes is not only a cultist and tyrannical mentality but should also be observed as a behavior not tolerated among us, whether in low town or high town or anywhere. I say this now, with calmness and much more sound soul after some recess. For I was infuriated by such betrayal ... I have heard that Ebraheim blames ‘Voices of his mind’ or Noktal for his behavior which is incredibly sacrilegious by any priest or cleric. Never, EVER, should a priest of any kind blame their elder for their detestable and abhorrent actions. We are responsible for everything we do and clerics of such nature should always hold the Six Elders in the highest esteem, holy and unreachable. Should we befallen due to poor judgement or poor interpretation of our eldest, it is we, their servants who have failed our Elder. Never the other way around. But failing and to admit failure takes great inner strength, one that many lack. I was told that he has blamed his own father and his teachings, again, blaming others instead of himself. His narcissism and emotional manipulation has no bounds and should not be tolerated. It is extremely cowardly by my upbringing to blame our parents for our actions, men of men would do no such things. And women of great women should be ashamed to mar their own mother. And to anything aside these genders, even among creatures, but as people, should such behavior not exist. Morality knows no gender, age or race... Brave ones, are at their bravest when they accept their mistakes and correct it! I speak of an old voice, no longer with us who inspired me. Rholin. Former lead of House Bellena, always projected the most wholesome ideal of correcting our mistakes, brush off our dirty knees, and get to work! A halfling motto that should be encouraged. Mistakes will always happen, it's how we fix them that sets us apart and become better people! See it not as a failure but an opportunity to show what you are made of! But Ebraheim instead chose to punish us for mistakes in the shadows and in secret instead of confronting them, he choose cowardice. He fed his inner dark desire to hurt and give pain, instead of confronting the issue at hand. He had the chance to be a great doctor, but all I see now is a broken and lost spirit who has shun the light in favor of darkness. He has my deepest pity to live a life without Inil in his heart. We are all fallible, imperfect and come from hundreds of distinctive cultures and experiences. Mistakes will ALWAYS happen, and for him to individually punish others of some ‘self-given authority’ and egotistical behavior should be condoned. I ask, to the public to please consider that should one confront him in the living, that we should withhold from sudden violence and death and give Ebraheim a combined High-Town, Low-Town and Valorian trail if possible, best after the Drow battlement. A first of it’s kind as we were ALL affected by his atrocities. Any who choose to revive him should know you are placing a high liability upon us all. Ebraheim is an individual who not only is more distrusting than a Greylock, but spiritually unsound. This volatile individual may not be much of a threat in person but allowing him to pass on his conspiracy theories and fill others with hate, malice, vindictiveness and bitterness is more damaging that one can imagine. Separate everyone in to distrusting groups….when we should be working together. We should be capable of seeing our mistakes but also help repair them. Any who silently whispers criticism is not helping. Roll up a sleeve and help! Ebraheim dared to attack his own community, one he took for granted. He has sent a troll against us at our most darkest and weakest hour, a betrayal unlike anything done before. He poisoned others at the risk of other innocent lives, tortured individuals before the blood fae and even practiced dark magics for the sake of hurting our own! Yet, despite his mal contentious behavior, he was stilled healed, cared for and behind our walls and shields. He has lost that privilege, he is a criminal. To live in New Haven is a luxury we fraught hard for. For many of us who have lived to see what the world is like out there with no shelter, no food or water, you know what I speak of. It is constant sacrificial fight for your lives at every waking hour. There is no sleep, there is no path and there is no wall to live behind. In the unchartered woods, there is no rest for the shadows in the paths outside of New Haven. If one lives here, one should feel relief and please to have a home. And at the very least feel responsible to either defend it, protect it, nurture it or at least stay out of the way when one tries to. Any who turns against us I feel looses that privilege to live here. But I also wish this to be done properly, not with malice or aggressiveness but with law and order. I do not care if others already condemned him personally, he needs to pay for actions publicly for all to see with morality, respect and dignity. Otherwise, we become the very horrors that are the Dark Elves. I do not wish to see such malice come to life because of one bad apple. Also, I am not one to create order, nor write laws neither. I am not a figure of authority nor do I want it. As a humble priestess of light, these are all suggestions. But I do support it to those who wish a better sound life of peace. To those who wish unity and stand together, elbow to elbow to condemn poor behavior and to encourage positive ones. I hope and pray that you too would want a world better once we have removed the tyrannical order that is the Dark Elves, the drow. They have made us clean up their ridiculous dark-magic mess for years with blood sweat and tears. Enslaved our people in to greylocks and egotistically only think of themselves. In the eyes of all races, the drow are nothing more than spoiled selfish children. They are incapable of caring for their own land and themselves, forcing us, as their ‘mommy and daddy’ to clean up after their selfish dark magic mess. Their sophisticated behavior is a farce. Their lands had their water already poisoned before the first ship arrived, they practically are killing themselves! As far as I am concerned, the Drow are INCAPABLE of owning their own land! It is time they pay for their infuriating actions and allow us to take over. Others made a test run of 'peace' to see what they were capable of, to test the waters of a possible respectful neutrality. I was strongly against it but many pushed to make it happen. And as expected the Drow failed. They failed this test miserably. We should not regret this effort regardless, it's water under the bridge. It was a theory that many wanted to test and the Drow discarded it with trickery as they saw it as an opportunity to undermine us, take from us, rob us and rule over us! The lands are plagued by blood cultists, blood faes, enslavement, greylocks and now obelisks draining our world in our own town! This is not their dumping ground! We are not their Slaves!! This is our land! Our L’amrún! Your home! And they need to get the hell off our Land!! All of it! They should start digging the biggest deepest hole under the earth and find their OWN continent underground or we shall put them in it! Their darkness will not be tolerated anymore! Our community can fail one battle, maybe two. But the war is not over! Not til they are done! We will always fight back. We will always push through. We will always find another way and we will NEVER give up! I look forward to fighting and healing by your sides with every fiber in me with blood, sweat and tears as we fight back for our world.. For my heart burns for every single one of you for the dreams and goals of our guilds, family, loveones and our future!... Let us not allow future generations to suffer what we had, and set down a firm mark in our lives that we will not be go quietly in to the dark! May the eldest of Hope, Love and Courage; our wonder of Light, I'nil, be with you all with great passion! For that is her true real power. Blaze powerfully. Priestess of Inil, Aleena Cloudlily
  • Still new to the town, Drivek would be still be going form place to place finding secrets about the land that he could use. When the land changed into that of the Drow territory and became dangerous to transverse alone; Drivek would have to call it quite going out by himself. But information is a necessary factor in all things. and Drivek would not be stopped. He can be seen going from person to person who look capable of protecting themselves and still mobile and start asking for partners to explore with. and allow them to share information with any group they need to. "would you like to assist me with this new lands? you see i don't trust anything that i haven't been able to map out yet. and with the creatures of the area one can never be too cautious."
  • Still tired from the recent events, Ilyas enters the tavern, walking with purpose, but also a slight limp from one of the battles with the Grehlok. He approaches the message board and pins the following notice to it: "Hail friends, I know these have been dark and trying times, and I grieve the losses to our community, as do all of you. I did not know Baph well, nor Ebrahim, nor any of the others, but I came from a world on fire, to New Haven, where I had hoped to find a home, and a hope at least I did find. I am tired of running, of always being outnumbered and overpowered, never being able to make a stand for knowledge that it is a death sentence. I am tired of being powerless, and I wish the same for New Haven. To build our strength, we need trade, commerce. We need to acquire the resources and expertise we will need to fight the Drow to a standstill and buy ourselves breathing room to mourn our dead and turn this town into something more. But to do that we need trade, all great cities started as trading posts, and for trade we need a trade hub. I will be that trade hub, seek me out if you have skills you wish to sell, be they as an alchemist, a doctor, an enchanter, a ritualist, a blacksmith, a warrior or even, let’s call it, a population control specialist. If you also have resources you need for your work, please seek me out as well, others can provide you with raw materials that you can turn into finished products, that they can then use, and so the cycle of trade continues. Find me at the High town tavern or leave a message for me in the convenience shop, and I will ensure your skills and labor are put to use for both yourself and for New Haven. Respectfully, Ilyas Falkir" *OOG, if you want to have a private conversation with Ilyas, just message me on Facebook (David Rennert), that way the conversation isn't broadcast to the entire world*