What is a Scene Request?

Scene requests are a player's way to let the writers and staff know what sort of plot they are interested in. This feature has been very useful in enabling our writers to stay in touch with the needs of our 250+ player base!  Although most of our plot is driven by overall game progression, we like to add in these special scenes to give players an even larger impact on the world.


However, these scenes are not for the purpose of allowing your character to get special items that are super powerful or rare, and should not be used for the purpose of making your character more “powerful”. Instead, scenes should tie into your character’s story and provide an avenue for story advancement. A scene request should be thought out and have a tangible purpose to benefit the storytelling. 

A good scene will serve the purpose of driving the story of the characters involved forward. You should try to make this inclusive and bring several people into the story with you. The best stories are the ones that are shared. You can request a scene for your individual character. Scenes requesting less NPC resources (<2) are more likely to be included!


Please leave the results of your scene open ended, rather expecting a pre-determined outcome. Our roleplay is meant to be organic, and something may happen during the live action that could change an expected outcome significantly, for better or for worse!

You will be responsible for providing all the props for these scenes, but you can drop them off with plot if you would like the props to be in the hands of the NPCs for the scene. Please make sure your scene is approved in the weeks preceding the game, by messaging plot, if it requires a large amount of investment!

What makes a good Scene Request?

Examples of good scene request concepts

  • "I would like my character to have the opportunity to meet with allies of the Drow to negotiate some kind of alliance to stop the fighting. I will be bringing 5 other people with me on this diplomatic mission." This is open ended, ties into the story at hand, and is inclusive.

  • "I would like to have a scenario set up for my military guild to to a trial mission where they hunt down a group of bandits that have stolen cabbages from a group of local farmers. I will provide the cabbages."  This allows us to help give you the style of plot you desire, while allowing us to create the circumstances you face.  We could even change bandits to another sort of NPC theif, to align with the game for that weekend.

  • "I’ve been hunting for my lost brother and would like to set up a scene where we get some reports on his possible location and then go and seek out if he’s alive or dead or still missing." This scene is a personal plot request, and very open ended. This makes it more likely to fit it in our schedule, as we could combine it with other mods.

Examples of poor scene request concepts

  • "I’d like a scene where my character finds out about some secrets." This sort of thing is always available in the game world; you just have to role play and see what you can uncover for yourself!

  • "I would like to have my character meet with a Drow, kill them, and then be given the sword of might which allows my character then to kill any Drow with ease in the future." We won't honor ex machina requests (with exception of Player Character Permanent Death Requests), but we may allow to you meet up with that Drow you are looking for...

Final Notes

Scene requests are only for scenes requesting attendance of NPCs. We cannot control another player’s character, so if you wish to have an scene with another player’s character, then please discuss that scene with them directly.

All scene requests are reviewed and approved before they are included in our schedule. We try to include as many scene requests as possible in a single game, but give priority to the first scene sent in by submitter. So, if you submit your second scene, we will make sure we dedicate resources to someone else's first scene before we attempt to include your second scene.

Sometimes, plot already is planning a scene that gets requested! If you are really eager to follow a plotline that the writers are actively working on, we may not honor your scene request as you wrote it. This is because we might have things in store for you that connect to a bigger picture, and we work to create continuity. 


Just because you request a scene, doesn’t mean it will be granted in the way you expect either, so make sure to remain open minded even if your scene is approved – it might not pan out how you think it will.


Please let us know if you have any questions!

Scene Requests are accepted up to one week before game.