Common Phrases and Greetings

  • "By The Six..."/"By the Eldest!”- invoking the six Eldest exasperation or astonishment
  • "May the Eldest shelter and protect you until we meet again" - somber phrase when saying goodbye, often at a funeral
  • "May Shothar shield you through the Night, and meet with I'nil at first Light." - wish of good health and protection on parting or before entering battle
  • "Go to Noktal's realm."/"They can go to Noktal's realm for all I care" - phrase of disparagement towards someone you find unsatisfactory
  • "May her veil ever shade you" - a common saying among the clandestine who revere Sho'thar's deep embrace.
  • "May Sho'Thar veil you as you walk the shores" - a reference to skirting death, as some beleive Noktal was known as the ferryman who would take you across the river to his realm of death
  • "Noktal takes all" - a phrase used by the faithful when describing that things happen for a reason. Also used by warriors against their enemies on a battlefield.
  • "Dawn Mother's Light be with you."/"Light watch over you." - a small blessing said by those who follow I'nil.
  • "Eye of Ordin, Watch over you" - A universal greeting said by followers of Ordin.
  • "Memnis bless" - a quick blessing, used by all
  • "May the divine candlelight in me, light the one in you." - A friendly blessing invoking I'nil's protection.